Generation Z: Their Learning Will Never End.

I’ve got bad news.

No, it’s not school is about to start (bad news for some… good news for moms).GenZ2

The world is changing.

Yes, you heard it here first (actually, you’ve probably already heard… but amuse me).

The world is changing.

Actually, it’s already changed. 

My best guess is the end of the world I grew up with died around the year 2000 (excuse me for not noticing… I was a little preoccupied by Y2K).

This means the new world has been around for roughly a decade (feel free to check my math).

And sadly, like far too many educators, I’m just now figuring it out.

Our children have moved on without us (not like the glorious day when the Evil Spawn moves out of my house… that’s an entirely different special occasion).

Kids today no longer want to play by our rules.

They don’t understand why schools are locked up at 3:30 and on weekends.

They don’t understand why computer labs contain equipment that is inadequate compared to what they use at home (and in the car).

They don’t understand why they’re constantly told to read more, yet school libraries are inaccessible for 3 months during the summer.

They don’t understand why teachers and administrators are given the option of improving their own technology skills.

They don’t understand why so many adults in charge of their education still seem to think PowerPoint is cutting edge (and while I’ve got your attention… if you still feel the need to use PowerPoint… stop using 18,000 words per slide!).

They don’t understand tenure or salary schedules.

But they do understand learning doesn’t begin and end for them at school.

Their education isn’t tied to a bell schedule or holiday breaks.

They know their education isn’t better because of worksheets, memorization, or mandated testing.

They get it.

They know what we still seem to be confused by.

They don’t need us.

The don’t need brick buildings that are only open 7 hours a day.

They have the internet.

And curiosity.

They’re going to learn with or without our help.

And the learning process is not going to stop for them after 8th grade.  Or high school.  Or even college.

They’re smarter than us right now.

And they’re going to be a lot smarter than us in 50  years.

The future isn’t coming, it’s already arrived.

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