The Positive Attitude of a 4th Grader.

I wish a good attitude could be bottled.4th Graders are Cool.

Just think how much money you could make.

Just think how many people you would personally like to drown in a five gallon bucket of this goopy liquid.

As school is about to begin, there’s one question being asked all over the country.

“Are you ready for school to start?’

Answers may vary, but they generally go like this.

Adults are 50/50.  Some want school to start.  Some not so much.

When I say adults, I’m talking about people who work in schools, not parents.  Every parent in America is ready for school to begin (and they have been since June 1st… my theory is people like their kids, they just don’t want to be in the same house as them).

High school students.  117% answer no (if they answer at all… they may be busy ignoring you). 

No discussion.  No exceptions.

No.  No.  No.

They hate school.  They hate everything.

Except sleeping until noon and texting.

Junior High students are confused about this question and every other aspect of their lives (puberty does strange things to an 11 year old brain).

Some like school.  Some hate school.  Some think Justin Bieber is cool (I told you they are a mess).

Grade school students are the special ones.

Most can’t wait for school to start.

By most, I mean 99%.

They like everything.  School.  Teachers.  Art.  Music.  Recess.  Open House.  Their superintendent.  Homework.

Alright, I went a little far with homework (and maybe the superintendent thing).

As a group, they can’t wait for school to start.

Especially, 4th graders.

That’s when the good attitude about school peaks.

They are wonderful.

They have the attitude we all should have.

Positive.  Upbeat.  Hopeful for a brighter future.

If only we could bottle it.

If only I could sell it.

Yesterday the Evil Spawn was in diapers.  Tomorrow I register her for 4th grade.  I’m dreading what comes next.

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