College Was Better Than Work.

Having a job is a good thing (especially in this day and age).

Going to college was better. 

This is true for lots of reasons.

Starting with… you could make your own schedule in college.

No work hours to follow.  No contract to abide by.  No one to evaluate you (unless you count the professors).

College was great.My College.

Don’t want to get up early?  Schedule classes in the afternoon.

Want to be done early?  Schedule all of your classes in the morning.

Obsessive about The Price is Right and Hogan’s Heroes (guilty as charged)?  Don’t schedule anything from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Want to be back in the dorm before MTV’s Remote Control comes on?

Just fake a disease or a head injury and leave class a little early.

College was great.

At work you have a dress code.  In college your fashion choice was shorts or sweatpants.

And you accessorized with a t-shirt (up until the late 90’s when this changed to the ever popular hoodie).

No ironing the night before.

No attempting to pick out a shirt and tie that almost match.

No living under society’s expectations of wearing socks that match.

At college, you slept in every day.  All you had to do was be up 2 1/2 minutes before class started (if you could run fast).

College was great.

At work you have bosses.

At college you had advisors (who invariably messed up your schedule).

Life seemed complicated in college, but in retrospect it really wasn’t.

College was great.

In college food was provided for you.  Swipe a card and it was all you could eat (which explains the Freshman 15… or 40).

No trips to the grocery store.  No cooking.  No cleaning up the kitchen (not that I know about any of these).

A long day in college was 4 classes in one day.

A long day at work is everyday.

College was the first opportunity to put some space between you and your parents.

Work (if you choose education) involves being around everyone’s parents.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the number one reason college was better than work.

I didn’t have to shave.

Not for days.  Or weeks.  Or even months.

Being in the grown up work world means I have to shave every day.

And I think that is easily the worst part of being an adult.

If I only knew then what I know now, I would have been far more appreciative of my time in college.

But like most people, I took it for granted.

I never really appreciated the fact I could control my own schedule, dress like a slob, and have someone else prepare my food.

And most importantly, not have to scrape my face every morning with a sharp piece of metal.

It was the 80’s after all… and stubble was cool.

And if you ask me, it still is (although I realize no one has asked me).

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