Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. Or at School.

The school year is 25% over.  This is the only way to look at it.

Saying we still have 75% of the school year left sounds… well, sounds like we still have three-quarters of the year left.

Call me crazy, but for my own mental well-being I’m sticking with the idea that we are a quarter of the way done.Time Flies.  Although Not Literally.

As an added bonus, I should point out the year is flying by at an unprecedented quick pace.

Although, I’m not sure why I’m excited because there will be another school year starting 3 months after this one ends (if all goes well… and I get a good evaluation. If you hear anything to the contrary, please let me know).

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating … the older I get the faster each year seems to go.

There’s probably a formula that could explain this to me, but since I didn’t take physics I may never know.

I can only come to one conclusion.  I’m old.

Not old in the sense that I am the last surviving Civil War veteran (which to clarify kids, I’m not).  Or old in a way that I saw pre-fat Elvis in concert.

Old in a way that I remember when Burt Reynolds was cool and hip (along with Jerry Reed and Dom DeLuise).

An even better way to explain this is I’m old in a way that is only understandable to people who work in schools.

I’m no longer on the bottom half of the Seniority Scale (the young vibrant half… sorry top half, but you know we all go to bed early… really early).

I’m in the group that spends more time talking about retirement than discussing their exploits during college.

I’m that kind of old.

It wasn’t always this way.

I used to be young.

Now I’m so not.

When I started working in education the older teachers were very recognizable.  The dressed differently (usually better), they spent a lot of time discussing the good old days in education (primarily the ability to spank), and they graduated from college when I was struggling to pass kindergarten (that’s a whole different blog… or possibly a series of blogs).

I didn’t really understand the older teachers.  They were different in so many ways.

I found them very conservative and slightly grumpy (kind of like… me… now).

When I was around them, I did my best to just keep my mouth shut (this was and continues to be a constant struggle).

Things have changed in the last few years.

Older staff members have retired.  They are now enjoying a life that doesn’t involve a bell ringing every 45 minutes.

And I’m still working with a bunch of children (I’m not talking about the kids attending school, but the teachers who were born after 1987… when I was already in college).

This has caused me to see myself differently.  Who am I kidding?  I still see myself like it’s 1982 (sophomore year of high school… I had my whole life ahead of me… I was full of hopes and dreams).

But the years passing by have definitely changed how others see me.

They seem to look at me in the same ways that I looked at older teachers.

The school year going quickly is a good thing.

Moving up the Seniority Scale (and pay scale) is a good thing.

Getting older… not so good.

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