Buy a Book. Or 4.

Up to this point in my blog/website career, I have turned down request after request to hawk educational items on this blog.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not being a martyr.  I just haven’t been offered enough money.

I’m easy.  I’m just not cheap.

I guess I did sell out that one time when I got a sweet sweet shirt.Every Administrator Needs to Read This Book.

Since then, my tastes have gotten more expensive.

It amazes me how many people want to jump on the runaway train of success that is (millions and millions… or at least a couple).

Before I completely make a money grab (and mark my word, I will… one day this will be the Tostitos PrincipalsPage or maybe the Doritos PrincipalsPage – I smell a bidding war!), I wanted to do something positive for my readers.

I want to recommend 4 books that I think can make the lives of educators better and more importantly help students.

You will find all 4 under the Book Tab.

They are:  Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education, The Perfect School, Teachers Change Lives 24/7, and What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know.  All are written or co-written by Mr. Jim Burgett.

He is president of The Burgett Group and an educator who has been recognized nationally for his ability to lead, motivate, inspire, and teach. Jim has received dozens of awards for his teaching, his ability as an administrator, and his service to many professional organizations. He was twice named the administrator of the year in Illinois. Jim has been a popular speaker and presenter for over twenty years.

I know this because I copy and pasted the last paragraph from his website.

My goal when I started PrincipalsPage was to help (in a very small way) other administrators, especially those brand new to the profession.

These books will do just that.

How do I know.

I’ve read them.

And before you can email or tweet me, yes I can read.

Not well, but good enough to become a school administrator (teachers are laughing at this joke… laughing hard… laughing a little too hard if you ask me).

You will not be disappointed.  In fact, I’m so sure of this fact that I could offer a money back guarantee.

I’m not going to, but I could.

If you are interested, click on the Book Tab next to my cartoon wife.

Then you have two choices: order with same day shipping or download the book immediately.

I love technology.

And you will love these books.

Addition from the Publisher: We will offer a money-back guarantee on the printed book! Just mail it back to the address on the package within 30 days and we’ll give you the book cost back on your credit card.

I told you the were great books.

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