Two Full-Time Jobs is Two Too Many.

For the last month or so, I have been largely absent from this blog (sure I’ve posted the occassional video that interested me or made me laugh until I nearly wet myself).It's a Delicate Balance.

I’ve gotten a few emails asking why.

Well, at my age you get to laughing really hard and before you know it you’ve accidently….

Oh, you were wondering why I haven’t blogged more.

My bad.

There are a couple of possible reasons.

One is I always promised myself when I ran out of things to say and I started to struggle with what to write, I would stop immediately and blow the blog up.

That day is not yet here.  But I hope it’s soon because I do enjoy an explosion.

The real reason I haven’t been around is I’ve been a bunch of other places.

School.  Home.  Game.  School.  Home.  Game.  School.  Home.  Game.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention sleep.

In the world of school administration, late July and early August are busy.

Really busy.

This has been compounded by the world of Teenage Evil Spawn (I miss carefree Little Girl Evil Spawn… although I was not a huge fan of Baby Evil Spawn).

Her world is busy.  Really busy.

When she was born, I don’t recall the doctor telling us how incredibly time-consuming and expensive her existence would become after the age of 10.

Actually, the only thing I remember the doctor saying is "Don’t worry, she won’t break."

So far, so good but there have been a couple of close calls where she cracked.

What I have learned as a parent is children require a lot of attention

Games, clubs, events, church, parties, school, 4-H, friends, sleepovers, movies, camps…. the list could go on and on.

Basically, my role in all this is to be there.  Or get her where she needs to be.

I’m like Secret Service without the ability to talk into my wrist.

My parent job isn’t brain surgery, but it does cut into my "Me" time (and it is all about me…).

All of this doesn’t sound too taxing, but it does eat up time like nobody’s business (actually it’s my business and it used to be my time).

This coupled with my day job as a school superintendent, has forced me to put the blog on the back burner this summer.

But like most years, summer is winding down so I’m sure my schedule will slow down.

I’m not sure what this says about our society when I know my schedule will be easier once my full-time job picks up again and I’m working 60 hour weeks.

But I sure am looking forward to it!

Have a good school year.

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The 50% Rule.

50% Rule (or Off)...  Both are Good Deals.If you are a first year principal, my guess is that you are tired.

Why do I think this? Because I’m not a first year principal and I’m tired.

It is part of the job. Like the copying machine always being out of paper, the kids being jumpy during a full moon, a student almost “accidently” hitting you with a ball as you walk through the gym, and having someone complain about something 42 times a day (on a slow day).

There is some good news.

For most administrators, the school year is already about half over. You will make it to the end of the year.

At least, keep telling yourself that.

It is really hard to tell at this point (although I am pulling for you).

During my first year, I had a theory (actually I have thousands of theories… most of which make very little sense, even to me).

My theory during my first year was thousands of principals came before me and they survived.

Surely, I had to be as good as at least one (maybe even two) of them. So I set a goal.

Be a principal for 2 years.

A lofty goal at that point (and to people that knew me… an almost unreachable one).

But I survived. As so might you (again, a little early to tell).

Near the conclusion of my second year, I sat in my office and took a moment to reflect (keep in mind it was a very short moment… as I had a game to get to…as you have probably found out… supervision never stops).

It occurred to me that my second year was easier than the first.

Not easy.

Easier. Let’s not get crazy here.

And just like that, I had myself a new theory.

Every year you are a principal, it gets 50% easier. And for once I have found a theory that has held up over time.

Each school year gets a little more manageable (if you survive this one… and that is really up to the administrative gods at this point).

At least you have something to look forward to. Next year will be easier. About 50% easier if my theory holds.

And that’s the good news.

The bad news is the job of principal starts out on a difficulty scale of about 37,000 %.

Which means you (and the rest of us) are in way over our heads for the next few years.

And by few, I mean until you reach retirement.

If you make it. Really hard to tell at this point.

But I think you will.

At least that’s my theory (let’s hope this one also works… :) ).

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