School is Making Me Sick.

And by “sick” I mean…sickeningly FAT!

It’s become apparent to me that school isn’t good for my health.

And no, it’s not the swine flu.  Although that’s not helping.

It’s the food.

And no, it’s not the food in the cafeteria.I Don't Feel Well.  Or Look That Great.

It’s all of the other food.

Birthdays, holidays, early dismissals, donuts, fake holidays (Bosses’ Day), people baking for no apparent reason, concession stands, Halloween candy, Christmas cookies, vending machines, lunch meetings, breakfast meetings, and meetings just to get together to eat for no apparent reason.

It’s all very exhausting.

And fattening.

I used to eat better at school than I did at home.  Now, it’s just the opposite.

My world is upside down.

School is supposed to be good for you.  Now it’s just one sugar-laced treat after another.

The world of food has improved greatly for students.  The government has “encouraged” us to take out or limit access to pop machines.  We’ve put breakfast programs in place to make sure kids have a good meal to start the day.

We provide lunches with healthier choices.

We limit access to candy bars and chips.

Yet, it is getting worse by the day for adults.

And more importantly (in my mind at least), for me.

10 years ago I could lose 19 pounds during the course of the weekend.  This was accomplished by not Super Sizing my meal(s) at McDonald’s.

Now I gain weight after drinking a glass of water.

How do I know this?

Because I weigh after big meals. 

Which occur on a weekly basis at (of all places…) school.

This isn’t right.

School is supposed to be where you take your lunch.  Where you eat fruit.  Where you don’t snack.

Not a place where you eat 14 cookies, 3 cupcakes, and 8 snack size candy bars during your mid-morning snack.

School is undermining my good diet and exercise program.

I need some structure.  Not a food free-for-all.

Actually, I need some self-discipline.  Any chance someone can leave a cake pan full of that in the lounge?

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Phillips Head Screwdrivers can be Quite Useful.

You Can Never Find a Screwdriver When You Need One.I have been in education for several years now. I believe that administrators age like dogs (and are occasionally treated as such) and Presidents, which means that for every one year as a Principal it really equals seven years in the real world.

Because of this little fun fact that I just made up, I have more experience in years than my resume actually shows (note to self, update my resume because this blog thing is going nowhere fast).

In all of these many dog years working in schools, I have never understood why people hate this one particular event. They bad mouth it, they dread it, they avoid it at all cost, and they complain about it before it even happens.

It should be something that we consider useful and look forward to reaping benefits from, but most people just consider it an intrusion on their everyday routine. After it concludes we should all be smarter and better at our profession, but yet we treat it like our creepy Uncle Larry (see, I told you I would work you into a blog, Uncle Larry).

This is something so heinous and despicable, that grown men would rather shove a Phillips screwdriver in their eye than have to suffer through one more of these (sorry for the graphic image, but I am trying to expand my audience, much like when they include one bad word in a movie so that it gets rated PG-13, not G).

If the three (and possibly even a new reader in the much desired 18-34 demographic) of you haven’t figured it out yet, it is a meeting.

I must admit that while most of my professional life revolves around meetings, I dread them like everyone else.

Some of my meetings are required and I faithfully go, some are not-required and I go if I can’t squirm out of them, and in some, I am actually the person in charge (which makes me question the sanity of the people who hired me).

I think I dread the meetings of which I am in charge the most. Even I wonder how long they will last, will I say anything intelligent or useful, and will they get over sooner than planned so I can rush right home and dread my next meeting?

But, it is time to be an adult and maintain a professional attitude about meetings. From now on I am taking a vow to get as much as possible out of all my meetings, regardless of how long they last, if the speaker takes 20 minutes more than planned, or if I would rather be back at school.

From this point forward, meetings will be an event that I consider relevant and worthy of my time. I am going to respect them for what they are and appreciate the knowledge that they give me.

Oh no, I just realized that I am late for a meeting. I hope it doesn’t last too long.

You can never find a screwdriver when you need one.

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