Happy Blogiversary.

I Couldn't Even Get a Cake.Today is the day. A very special day. And not just because it is the birthday of Ringo Starr and Doc Severinsen (a hip reference for the kids…Google it).

July 7 is the one year anniversary of the PrincipalsPage.com Blog.

This is an emotional moment for all of us (and yes, I am counting general malaise, anger, and contempt as the primary emotions).

I can sense that many of you are feeling overwhelmed.

If you are shedding a tear or feel like you may collapse from the excitement, please keep in mind that you’re not alone.

I am here for you.

I would love to give you a hug if we were together (and if I didn’t mind people touching me, but that is a different story… my therapist says I am not ready to share just yet).

Each year as the sun peaks over the horizon on July 7, thousands of people across the educational world stop and take a moment to salute the PrincipalsPage.com Blog. Okay, maybe not thousands.

Actually as far as I know it’s just me and a creepy guy in Northern Michigan (evidently, there is not a lot to do in that part of the country except stock up on water, beef jerky, and handguns).

You call him crazy; I call him my friend.

Since emotions are running high, I will give everyone a moment to regain their composure.

The Blog started a year ago today. Time really does fly. It seems more like 347 days since it all began.

The Blog has become like another child to me. And not one who is unemployed, plays soccer, eats all of my food, and says she wants to live at home for the rest of her life (I am thinking about getting a lawyer to file a preemptive eviction).

Like our child, the Blog started off by accident. Even so, we have decided to keep it (but like my real kid, I am willing to listen to offers).

During the past year there have been many things that have surprised me about the Blog.

One is that people actually read it. And more surprising, some of them come back. I am still shocked each time someone stops by from the United States, Canada, or the Philippines (seriously, it is my 3rd biggest country for the highest number of visits).

It amazes me that people take time from their busy lives (also very likely sad and boring, but not you creepy guy from Michigan) to read the Blog and leave comments.

Secondly, I had gone through the first part of my life assuming that you need some sort of talent to write. Possibly an English degree or at least a general idea about how the English language works.

Lucky for me it turns out that you don’t need either one.

I did fail in one respect. At the beginning of the year, my intention was to post 135 blogs. I fell just short with 133, but I will strive to do better next year (will I ever run out of stupid thoughts or theories?).

It is also interesting to me that some of the blogs that I like the best get almost no reaction from readers. And on the flip side, some that I feel are moronic (or more moronic than usual) seem to strike a nerve with people.

Thirdly, when this all began I assumed it would be difficult to produce quality work week after week. This is actually true. That is why I have focused on writing in a style I like to call, mediocre to borderline pathetic.

Setting the bar low means I will never be disappointed. Writing a blog is much like life in general. All you really have to do is show up (consistently, you slackers). It really isn’t that complicated.

You don’t have to be the smartest, or best looking, or even have an intelligent thought about much of anything. Just show up.

Lastly, I realized that a well-written blog can be used as a tool to teach others valuable lessons that can help make them better people.

But let’s not get crazy, this blog doesn’t do that.

The point of the PrincipalsPage.com Blog is to… actually, as I have mentioned before there is no point. And that is the way I like it (my first KC and the Sunshine Band reference).

I don’t read many education-related blogs, but when I do something always jumps out at me.

These blogs seem to come in two types. One is the policy related educational articles (that are recycled on 20 other blogs). And the second is far worse. This type of blog is just a forum to share everything that is wrong with schools and education.

I get it. A junior high teacher just ran off with a 12 year old boy to Mexico. Enough already.

My hope is that the PrincipalsPage.com Blog is the exact opposite of those.

Good things do happen at school. And sometimes they are humorous. Not everything in education has to be about lack of funds or test scores.

These funny occurrences may occur during the school day, in the parking lot, during a SNOW DAY, on a vacation, or maybe even in the dark recesses of an angry middle aged man’s mind when his medication isn’t taken in the proper doses (I told the therapist I was capable of opening up eventually).

I hope you have enjoyed the Blog during this first year. Please come back to visit it again and again.

Or not, it is up to you. I will be here either way.

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School Administrators Shouldn’t Leave the Office. Ever.

Wal-mart... You Can Never Find One When You Need One.I just spent a month in Wisconsin this past weekend.

The trip started off poorly and then went downhill (skiing reference). We should have gone to the beach, or better yet, just stayed home and I could have worked 18 hour days at school (not really, I am just being dramatic… I hate the beach).

On Friday afternoon, we left on time (3:30 pm for a 5 hour trip). Our punctuality turned out to be one of the highlights of the entire weekend.

My in-laws went with us. Many of you are probably thinking this is where the trip went horribly awry, but you would be sadly mistaken (on occasion the in-laws read this blog and I don’t want to jeopardize my 1/128th of the will, so I will steer clear of insulting them in print).

We drove separately from them and the trip went smoothly for us. Things did not go quite as well for the in-laws.

About an hour into the trip, my unemployed daughter called her grandparents on the cell phone to see how things were going (she is 6, so she prefers texting if you need to get in touch with her). About a minute into the call her grandmother hung up on her.

Everyone loves their grandma, kindergarten teacher, and best friend’s mom, so getting hung up on was a shock to my daughter.

The conversation was so short, we immediately asked what happened.

My daughter said she could barely hear grandma, but she did say something about the tailgate not being latched.

This couldn’t be good.

You see, their luggage was in the back of the truck. And by was, I mean was.

Turns out grandpa didn’t put the tailgate up which resulted in their luggage flying out along the side of the road. This is what we call “bad news”.

On a positive note, they recognized this little fun fact about the luggage not being secure. Unfortunately, they realized it about 50 miles too late. This is what we call “more bad news”.

If you see a suitcase in a ditch, please send me an email (or text my work-avoiding spawn).

If you are married, you know that at this point they had only two choices.

One, a quickie divorce, preferably in Mexico where it is warmer and the matrimony laws are a little looser. Or two, find a Wal-mart ASAP to replace everything in their luggage (if you live in the 1% of the country that doesn’t have Wal-marts, I pity you and please substitute your gigantic retail store here).

As we continued on our drive, we passed a minimum of 27 Wal-marts, 14 K-marts, 11 Wal-greens, and 7 malls.

The in-laws, traveling the very same road, noticed exactly zero stores of any kind.

That’s right; they traveled 300 miles on a major interstate through roughly a bazillion towns and cities and didn’t notice any of these stores which were all located within 200 feet of the highway (I could also mention that these stores had big neon signs on top of them, but I don’t want to rub salt in their wounds… see inheritance comment earlier).

This led me to believe that they may be legally blind, or one of them desperately wants to go to Mexico.

This lack of vision concerns me because we allow them to babysit. If they can’t locate a Wal-mart, would they notice if my daughter sticks her head into the microwave and hits defrost?

Agh…who am I kidding, cheap babysitters are worth the risk (if this kid breaks, we can always go buy another one).

The in-laws did finally arrive at the ski resort after getting lost in the mountains for a couple of hours (a little travel tip… if you own a GPS, make sure you take it with you when you travel… that is what they are for).

There was some good news. After they arrived, it didn’t take long for them to unpack. They certainly didn’t have to bother the baggage handler.

Actually, my wife told me this because by 1:30 in the morning I was fast asleep.

So the trip was off to a rousing start. I haven’t even got to the part where we all got caught in the blizzard.

I really should have just stayed in the safety of the office.

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