The Evil Spawn Calls Me Names at School.

The Evil Spawn and I are sharing the same hallways for the first time in history.

Maybe it’s not a historical event, but it is an event (at least in our house).DadD_2

This experience has been interesting to say the least.

Turns out sweaty junior high kids smell bad in every school district.  I had no idea.

I am particularly disgusted when the sweatiest kid in school stands in front of a fan in what I think is an attempt to make the entire school smell like a giant armpit.

For the record, I’m not saying this kid is related to me… but I’m not saying she isn’t.

I see the Evil one about 47 times per day.

This is nice.

And awkward.


Because she is far more affectionate at school than at home.

It’s weird.

And did I mention awkward?

Lets get this straight once and for all.

I don’t want to be touched.  Or hugged.  Or touched.  Or hugged.

It’s called personal space.

Over the years I’ve never swayed on this issue. 

This is especially true when I’m around sweaty kids.

Even my own.

Rule #1:  Don’t Touch Me.  Rule #2:  See Rule #1.

Another issue that’s reared it’s ugly head is what she should call me.

Pre-sweaty hug, should she address me as Mr.?

Or Dad?

Maybe, Hey You?

There has been some confusion on her part.

She did refer to me as “Tie-Guy”, but that doesn’t seem appropriate.

Last year, when she had her mother as a teacher, she called her “Mom”.  But having her call me “Mom” just seems odd.

Maybe I shouldn’t even worry about this.

After all, I’m sure how she addresses me as a 5th grader will be entirely different than what she calls me when she’s 16


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Name Game.

What’s the odds?And You Are???

My high school basketball coaches:  Coach Shurtz and Coach Bottoms (get it… shirts and bottoms).

My wife’s first principal and superintendent:  Mr. Butts and Mr. Bottom (this one is self-explanatory).

Is there any doubt we were meant to be together?

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