Change Jobs. Changes Everything.

Getting a new job has opened up a whole new world to me.

Where It Stops, Nobody Knows.

More importantly, it’s opened up a whole new world for a bunch of other people.

I never imagined the chain reaction that takes place when one person accepts a new position.

I leave.

Someone replaces me.

Then someone has to replace them.

Another person will take that job, which opens up yet another position.

And so on.  And so on.

And so on.

It’s amazing when you think about it (not that anyone does but me).

There are even chain reactions with the people who surround you.

When you start a new job there will be instances when you have to hire new people to fill open positions.

And this starts a whole different set of chain reactions.

It’s a giant game of musical jobs.

All because one person changed where they work.

And it didn’t start with me.  Someone had to leave my new position for it to become available.

And someone else left the position they just took.

Even before that, a third person must have gone somewhere for that job to be open.

And this may happen a hundred times before the effects trickle down to you.

I think.

Actually, now I’m just confused.

But I do know what one person does has a huge impact on lots of other people.

Even more than we’ll ever know.

Kind of like being a teacher or a school administrator.

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Nightmare or Dream?

My internal blogging clock has been a little off the last couple of months.

Normally, something clicks in my head (normally a voice… oddly in a Scottish accent) every 3 or 4 days that tells me it’s time to write (?) another blog.

But lately, I’ve been a little busy.

Writing a movie?Let's Hope It Turns Out to Be a Dream.


Writing the great American novel?

Definitely not because this would require some sort of understanding of the English language.

Training for the running (i.e. walking) of a half-marathon.

Yes.  But that’s not why I’ve been busy.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long to jog 12 steps then bend over and gasp for what feels like my final breath.

I’m busier than usual because I’ve taken a new job.

I will be leaving my present school district after 16 years.  Or as I like to think of it, 37% of my life (if you want to know how truly OLD I am… do the math).

When I started teaching, I was an idiot.  Now that I’m leaving, I’m a little less of an idiot (although going from teacher/coach to principal and then superintendent may very well qualify me as an idiot of almost Biblical proportions).

Why am I leaving?

Good question.

I’m leaving, before they chase me out.  This is a much underrated key to success in the workforce.

Leave before they tell you to leave.

Leave before they start circling your half-dead body like a buzzard.

But that’s a different blog.

I’m really leaving because I have someplace else to go (duh).

Where am I going?

Wait for it… wait… wait…

I’m going…

…to the Evil Spawn’s school district.

Yes, the Spawn and I are combining forces (that’s a lot of sarcasm in one place).

She thinks it’s a good idea.  I’m not so sure.

I don’t worry about me, but I can envision how it could be a challenge for her.

She will either love having her father wander in and out of every aspect of her life, or hate it.

But what better time to launch this grand experiment than moments before she hits her awkward teenage years.

Timing is everything!

What could possibly go wrong?

Now I will have the best of both worlds.  Watching her slam the bedroom door at home and watching her slam the locker door at school.

I’m a lucky man.

I hope she feels the same when this is all over.

As an added bonus, I will be two minutes from Buddy’s house (which used to be called “my house”).

Lunch with Buddy.

That will be nice.

And it may be the only peace and quiet I get.

The good news is she’s growing up fast and I get a front row seat.  The bad news is she’s growing up fast and I get a front row seat.

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Going to a Job Interview? Take This Advice With You.

I’m a little late on this blog.If You're Looking for a Job... Good Luck .

Most administrators (new and old) who are changing jobs have probably already done so by now.

My bad.

If you want, you can sue me (you wouldn’t be the first person to threaten legal action… this year… or today).

In the last couple of months, things have been hectic in the exciting world of education.  Of course, if you work in or near a school you already knew this.

Changing jobs can be a nerve-racking experience (so I’ve been told).

This might be especially true if you like your present position (and there are actual school administrators who like their jobs).

Eventually everyone moves on to bigger and better (unless you’ve been fired… then you may have to move on to smaller and worse).

The lifespan of a school administrator is roughly… not very long.

I don’t have actual statistics (too lazy to Google), so just for the sake of this blog let’s say it’s 3.64 years (I thought if I threw in a decimal it would seem like I actually knew what I’m talking about).

Once you hit this magic number it may be time to move on.

The challenge is where do you go?

What job should you take?

First, you need a school that is willing to hire you.  Personally, this makes me nervous because do I really want to work for a district that would hire me (think about it)?

I think this is where some administrators make a mistake.

Don’t just take a job to take a job.

Don’t get mesmerized by the money, benefits, or the offer of a brand new stapler (which I desperately need by the way).

There is something far simpler that is more important.

You want (and need) a job where you are surrounded by people who have a vested interest in your success.

This may seem kind of basic, but it’s important.

Without this type of support, you are almost certainly doomed to fail.

You may want the new job to go well, but if the people above, below, and around you don’t want it to be a success… it won’t be.

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