Sunday Night.

Nothing Cooler Than a Dog in Sunglasses.It’s here.

No more talking or thinking about it.

It’s officially the last Sunday of summer. School starts bright and early tomorrow (6:00 am… unless I’m overcome by Edusomnia and can’t sleep… then it will be
4:00 am)

My wife doesn’t understand the significance of Sundays. How they should be dreaded and feared.

She considers Sunday to be the last day of a restful weekend. To her it’s a gift. It’s a calm and peaceful day.

I consider Sunday to be an annoying precursor to what is sure to be a long and hectic week.

Basically, it’s Pre-Monday.

To me it’s nothing more than a reminder of how far away we are from Friday afternoon.

As I have said before, I don’t dread school. I look forward to it. I just hate to let summer go.

But as I sit here (as I seldom type standing up), I have come to the realization that time is once again slipping away.

This little tidbit of information once again slapped me in the face when I got my eyes checked last week.

The optometrist pointed out that while my eyes haven’t drastically changed in the last 12 months, he isn’t far from recommending I get bifocals.

I said bifocals are for old people.

He said exactly.

He did point out that wearing a pair of reading glasses in addition to my contacts might help.


How blind am I that I first need to insert contacts into my eyes, and then put on a pair of glasses?

It won’t be long until I need a Seeing Eye dog (a real dog… not that thing that lives in my garage and thinks he’s a human).

Getting old stinks.

Summer being over stinks.

Sunday nights stink.

But there is good news. School starts tomorrow.

And it doesn’t stink.

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