The End of the World as We Know It.

When did society become more about the individual who complains the loudest and less about what is good for the entire group?

This occurred to me while attending a July 4th parade with my 6 year old and her friend who both wanted to catch as much candy as possible from the passing floats. As the first few floats passed with no candy being thrown, the two kids were told that the people on the floats could not throw candy to the children because of safety reasons.Update:  Kids Like Candy at Parades.

My wife said we should Google- “children killed and maimed by parade candy” (I bet you Google it just to see). I don’t mean to make light of the fact because somewhere there is probably someone who got hit by a flying tootsie roll during a parade.

But just like in education where one person tries to yell loud enough or long enough in the hope that the district or administration will change to their line of thinking on a topic- one person evidently complained to the Mayor, so candy could not be thrown from the floats for safety.

Maybe I should take the safety of parade watchers more seriously, but of all the challenges that face us in an ever more complicated world, can’t kids at least enjoy the fact that they can watch a parade and catch candy thrown from a float?

Maybe the good old days really were better…

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