Discovery Techbook Review.

Since my trip to Washington, I’ve been very busy.It's the Future.

School.  School.  More school.

And avoiding hamburgers like the plague (which is what I thought I had… and mark my word, you do not want the plague).

Mowing my yard 14 times in March (global warming stinks… but it is a lot warmer).

I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about Discovery’s Techbook.

I didn’t want to rush right back and write a review.

My concern was I couldn’t do Discovery or the product justice (and I didn’t have time).

My initial reaction to the Techbook… I was just a little bit "under"whelmed.

I think I had my hopes set so high.  After all, this is the company that brought us Mike Rowe, Mythbusters, and American Chopper (by the way… props on the cardboard cutout of Paul Sr. at Discovery Headquarters).

I thought the Techbook would completely transform education.

Rock my world.  Like Poison or Motley Crue (the 80′s were a special time).

I was hoping for everything.

Complete and total transformation.  The universe would never be the same.

Like when ice cubes came along.  Or air conditioning. 

Cable TV.  Indoor plumbing.  McNuggets.  Shoe strings.  Underwear (seems weird, but try to imagine life without them).

Techbook was good.

Really good.

But I had my hopes up for iPad good.

That it would give me something I didn’t even know I needed.

Don’t get me wrong.  Discovery is on the right path.

It’s a company with really smart people who really care about education.  And storms (they like to chase them).

I was just hoping they would jump 20 years into the future.  Call me impatient.

I was impressed enough we hope to try out the Science Techbook in my school.

There is no doubt digital textbooks are the future.

I’m just hoping the future gets here quicker than probably is possible.

My suggestion:  if your school is thinking about buying textbooks… don’t.  Until you try Techbooks.

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