Do Us All a Favor and Eat School Lunch.

This blog could be a long drawn out discussion of tenure. I could write about my thoughts on how it effects a student’s education. Is there any correlation between tenure and test scores? Is it human nature to get comfortable once on tenure and not work quite as hard as before? Does tenure provide much needed stability in the most important of all professions?

We could even get into the argument of other jobs not having this type of long-term job security. Everyone knows that other white collar professions, like lawyers, doctors, and engineers don’t have this type of security built into their careers.

On the other hand, I could also point out the positives of tenure, like it provides stability and allows teachers to make decisions in the best interest of children without being concerned about the affect it might have on their jobs. Learn How to Use a Microwave.

It also protects teachers from an administrator and school board that don’t have their employees’ and students’ best interests at heart.

But after analyzing both sides of the tenure argument, one fact jumps out at me- if a teacher burns popcorn in the lounge and stinks up the entire building- they have to go.

Don’t tell me about the union, or teachers’ rights, or due process. These people should not be allowed around children. I mean you have at least a four year college degree and can’t run a microwave? Please…at the very least… do us all a favor and eat school lunch.

Tenure or no tenure, these people should get a box, get their stuff, and get out.

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