No Limit for Better.

I think I’ve just found the title for my next book (which for those of you scoring at home… will be my first book).

When I said “found”, I meant stolen. I ripped the title off from my good friend Mr. Harrison Ford.

By “good friend”, I mean I’ve never met the man.We Have to Do Better.

You may remember him from the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Or maybe the movie where he played the President of the United States and beat everyone up on Air Force One.

I don’t know about you, but I like my Presidents to be able to hold their own in hand-to-hand combat with bad guys.

Harry (that’s what I call him) tells the story about working for a Russian architect when he was a young actor/carpenter.

This circumstance relates to everyone because who amongst us hasn’t worked for a Russian architect at one point or another?

That’s what I thought. We all have.

During a course of a building project he told the architect they needed to change a dimension by half an inch.

The architect responded by saying “No limit for better.”

This made me think of education.

Who am I kidding, everything makes me thing about education (summer vacation starts when???).

We should have the same attitude as the architect, but I think all too often we take the opposite approach.

In too many cases we aren’t interested in making even the smallest of changes.

In the last 30 years, far too many educators have taken the stance of improving conditions in schools as it relates to their jobs.

This is the opposite of what we should be doing. We should constantly be looking for improvements in practices that relate to students.

Whenever a new circumstance presents itself at school, our first reaction inside our heads is… “How will this affect me?”

And it should be “How will this help students?”

The question is how do we change the way we think?

And can we make the necessary changes before others do it for us?

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If Nominated, I Will Not Serve… or Will I?

Don't Trust People Who Aren't Smart Enough Not Run to For Office.The following video was sent to me by a loyal reader. It is an example of both the desperate need our country has for leadership and the fact that people who read blogs have way too much free time.


After much consideration (at least 4 seconds), I have decided not to run for President, or any public office (at this time).

My decision essentially boils down to this.

It is too hard to find someone to cover my hallway duty. You think the war in Iraq, finding Bin Laden, gas prices, infrastructure challenges, Social Security, and the economy are challenging? Try and find someone to take over supervising students 20 minutes before the school day begins.

It’s just not going to happen.

Plus, if I were to run for office I would demand the following: health insurance for my entire family that is far better than what an average citizen receives, yearly raises that are not based on my job performance, a shorter work week than I presently have (anything less than 70 hours would be good), a large staff that would drive me around and take care of all my needs (mainly, picking up my dry cleaning), a huge retirement package, and once I leave public service… the opportunity to work for a huge corporation where I could make an insanely large amount of money.

And what’s the chance that our government would agree to any of these things?

My demands are just crazy.

If you need me, I will be in the hall.

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Better Student Council President- Clinton, Edwards, or Obama?

President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and the Guy That Blew His Career.I have spent the last week watching the coverage of the Presidential Primaries (in writing this sentence it just occurred to me that I need more hobbies).

I have touched on this subject before, and I still think we might be better off electing a 4th Grade Teacher President (or not, it was just a thought).

In watching and listening to the candidates, especially the Democrats, I realize that our presidential elections aren’t vastly different from how a student body in a school elects a Student Council President.

Both are based on first impressions, likability, and who is most popular.

You may be (or not) asking yourselves, “Why isn’t he discussing the Republicans?”

Simple, the last time I counted there were 301,139,947 people in the United States (for those who continue to not trust me, Google it). Out of all the people in America, the best candidate the Republicans can come up with is named Huckabee?

How are other countries supposed to take us seriously if we are led by a President Huckabee? It sounds like a grocery store (stop by your local Huckabee’s… big sale on Cantaloupe, Double AA batteries, and 12 packs of Sierra Mist this weekend).

I am sure he is an intelligent, well-intentioned, nice man, but he reminds me a little bit of Huckleberry Hound (in looks and in name).

Back to the Democrats, I guess there are 3 that have a chance to win.

John Edwards, the candidate who reminds me of the rich, smart, athletic kid in school. Nice enough guy, but just because you say you’re “just one of the guys” doesn’t make it so. If you drive a Mercedes to school, I have a hard time relating to you as I park my 1975 four-door light blue Mercury Monarch (best car I ever bought for $1200).

Why is it that millionaire-politicians (usually lawyers) think they can take off their suit jackets and roll up the sleeves of their $300 dress shirts and they become “just one of the guys” down at the Big Tom’s Sandusky Auto Plant (Google it)?

Edwards would get a lot of votes in a Student Council election; at least until someone more popular and better looking decides to run. Sometimes in life and school, it is not how good, smart, or athletic you are; but how good, smart, or athletic the other students are in your class.

Then you have Hillary Clinton. I am sure that she is well-intentioned, incredibly smart, and very ambitious. But, she seems like the mean girl.

In high school, I might have just voted for her out of fear. Don’t want to cross the Clinton girl; if she doesn’t get your vote, she could give you a look in the hallway that could make a grown man cry.

And lastly, the Democrats have Barack Obama. You can make the case that his name is weirder than Huckabee’s. But in life and high school, sometimes the more different you are; the cooler you become (this is why the new kid who moves into the district is generally really popular; at least for their first week in school).

Obama is everything a Student Council President needs to be so they can become elected; athletic, charming, well spoken, and nice to all the different groups of kids. Teachers and coaches would love him.

I really have no idea where all 3 stand on issues. I am sure like most politicians they are for old people, health care, education, lower gas and razor blade prices, and protecting our country without putting young soldiers at risk (but I always think… aren’t we all?).

So, there is my argument that getting elected Student Council President and President of the United States takes exactly the same qualities.

I have no idea who will win, or whom will receive my vote.

But, as of right now, I am pulling for the smart, nerd kid Dennis Kucinich. It is about time someone who isn’t wealthy, athletic, or in the cool group gets elected Student Council President…

… I mean President of the United States.

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