NASSP Principal Leadership Magazine: My School Tested for a TV Pilot.

Another month.My First TV Was Way Older Than This One.

Another magazine.

Another article.

To summarize:  I’m very grateful.

It’s been a fun year for me reading about me in such a great publication.

Thank you NASSP.  And thank you to everyone at Principal Leadership Magazine.

Just to update my literally ones of fans.  We haven’t heard if we are getting the tv show.  I’m assuming no news is… a big fat no.

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NASSP Principal Leadership Magazine: How Many Friends Do They Think I Have?

Once again, it’s an honor to be included in such a great magazine.Great People.  Great Pictures.

People I barely know continue to say they’ve seen my blog in Principal Leadership Magazine (page 7).

This blog is one of my favorites.

I still don’t understand why they give me so many school pictures.

The logo above is a free plug for the company my school uses.  When they take my picture they do their best to make me look less horrific than normal.  Sadly, more years than not, they fail.

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The Magazine Every Principal Should Be Reading: NASSP’s Principal Leadership.


The magazine is great.

The electronic edition is the best.

And as an added bonus, I’m on Page 6 (there is a picture of it right over there…).

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Principal Leadership Magazine. I Have a Column.


Someone thinks I’m qualified to write a monthly column for school administrators (is it a column or a blurb?).

I wonder if they know what they’re doing (don’t answer that).

But, who am I to question the suits in their big fancy offices out East.

Check out the magazine.

Better yet, check out the digital version.

I’m on page 6.

At least for this month.

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