You Are Weirding Me Out.

This happens more and more often.Weird.  Really weird.

Okay.  From time to time.

Alright.  It happened once.

I was standing by myself.  Minding my own business.

I was attempting to avoid any interaction with society.

As usual, I was avoiding any and all forms of human contact.

And then it happened.

Someone mentioned a blog I’d written.

Like I’ve actually read them.

It’s weird.

Kind of like the feeling you get if you accidently put on someone else’s underwear (awkward!)

Or instead of using toothpaste, you accidently grab a tube of Preparation H.

Or sharing a bathroom (think about it… it’s unnatural).

Or like when you go outside to get the mail only to realize you’ve forgotten pants (these examples are hypothetical… as far as you know).

It’s not right.

When I post a blog, I believe I have every right to think no one ever reads them.

I am pretty sure this is in the Constitution (note to self… Google Constitution/Blogs).

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, so it’s important you know I don’t really mind being asked about this blog.

But you have to understand something…

I don’t read what I’ve written

Never have.  Never will.

So when questioned, I could give a thoughtful answer about how I had carefully considered and researched the issue about which I had written. But that would be a lie.

Truth is, I probably slopped something down (like I am doing right now) and never gave it a second thought.

Or sadly, a first thought.

So if you have questions, fire away.

But I can’t promise I have any idea what you are talking about.

Because I barely have any idea what I was talking about.

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Most Popular Posts of 2011.

Another year is over.

For me, this means one thing.

The easiest blog of the year.

So here are the most popular Blogs (posts… whatever) based on comments from 2011.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I’m amazed at the number of people who continue to come back. Over 186,000 visits during the calendar year.

Readers were kind enough to stomach their way through 256,000 pages of questionable blog content.

A special thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment. I continue learn far more from you than you do me.

It’s been a great year.


January – How to Get a Snow Day in 4 Easy Steps. (15 comments)

February – Who Wants a FREE Copy of Waiting for Superman. (66 comments).

March – Bullying Victim or Hero. Thoughts?  (35 comments)

April – School Administrators Need to Limit Access. Huh? (13 comments)

May – Are Teachers So Dry They Need Buckets of Lotion? (16 comments)

June – How Do You Hide in Plain Sight. and New Principals: If You Read Only One Blog, Make It This One. (9 comments each… slow month)

July – Goodbye Cursive. (12 Comments)

August – Hiring a Teacher to a 35 Year Contract Makes Me Nervous. (26 comments)

September – After Hiring Comes Firing. (16 comments)

October – Evidently, Delivering Undergarments to Your Daughter in Her 5th Grade Classroom is Frowned Upon. (9 comments)

November – The Secret to Being a Great Principal. (11 comments)

December – TV Show Idea: Road School. (7 comments… it’s early)

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600 Subscribers. 200,000 Visits This Year.

TMuch to my dismay, this blog continues to grow.

And grow.

It now has over 600 subscribers.

It will also have close to 200,000 visitors this calendar year.

These really bored people will visit close to 275,000 pages of mediocre to inept blog entries.

Who knew there was such an audience for matters dealing with education, the Evil Spawn, and Buddy the Dog?

Who knew there were so many people who had so much free time?

Now, if I could just convince each visitor to pay me a dollar a visit, I could retire.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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Readers Are Still Subscribing. I’m Both Confused and Touched.


People (primarily imates) continue to join over 582 people who receive all the BRAND NEW Blogs directly in their  inbox (not to mention the 10,000 to 25,000 who visit the site each month).

It’s easy.He's in Better Shape Than Me.

And more importantly, free.

Just sign up (next to my cartoon wife’s right elbow) to receive email notifications when new entries are posted.

That’s it.

It’s so easy, Buddy the Dog could do it.

And he doesn’t have thumbs.

Or a job (a sore point with me)

Enjoy the rest of summer. School is just around the corner

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Could it be?

Is it possible?thanks

Surely not.

Well, maybe.

Actually, who knows.

I certainly don’t (add this to the monster list of items I have no clue about).

The world is a pretty big place after all.

But I’ve been thinking (always dangerous).

This little blog now has 500 subscribers.

Over 800 people follow it on Google Reader.

The number of visitors per month is consistently between 15,000 and 25,000.

Yes, I said 25 thousand.

It’s hard to believe.

It’s hard for me to comprehend that educators from all over the world visit to read what I write (even more humbling… think how many people don’t visit).

I’m honored anyone would stop by to check in on Buddy the Dog and the Evil Spawn.

In the last month there have been visitors from all 50 states and 139 countries (finally, you show up Gibraltar and Tanzania).

Readers range from teachers to administrators to college professors to parents and finally my favorite group… educators to be.

So I’m not officially saying this is the #1 Superintendent’s Blog in the World.

But, I am saying… “Thanks”.

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Superintendent Fired for Blogging.

Time once again to open the PrincipalsPage Mailbag.

This question comes from a reader (as most of them do).

“Before I jump in and start writing, I just want to know if blogging has affected you or your career in any negative way. I am afraid, scared even, that I will start blogging (though I won’t be negative or bash my district or job) and something I said will be used against me and hurt me and my future career?”

Good question.

Now please keep in mind I’m no lawyer.  But I do have a thought (maybe even a coherent one). Get Out!!!

Blogs aren’t felonies.

There is no crime in writing or sharing your opinion.

This is 2011, not 1611 (that’s when you would have been considered a witch for blogging).

Now could you get fired or your career be negatively affected?  Sure.

Especially if you do or write something stupid.

But you could get fired if the majority of the school board doesn’t like your ties (or for the ladies… shoes).

You could get fired for just about anything (some of which may be well-deserved… since I’ve never actually met you).

It could happen.

I could write something so heinous that I lose my job.

Anything could happen.

I could win the lottery (keep a good thought for me).

Buddy the Dog could get off his big beagle behind and do something productive, but that’s probably not going to happen.

The Evil Spawn could make it through her teenage years without rolling her eyes or begging me not to do something embarrassing in front of her friends.

And that’s definitely not happening.

I am so embarrassing her every chance I get (more on that later).

I only have one rule about blogging.

Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say out loud in the middle of a crowded hallway in front of students, teachers, and parents.

If you do that, you probably won’t get fired.


Again, I’m no lawyer.

For me, blogging has been a blessing.  It’s given me opportunities I couldn’t have imagined.

I’ve met people and attended conferences where I’ve learned things that have not only helped me, but have also helped my school district.

Blogging has allowed me to get out from behind my desk and escape the four walls of my school building.

It’s made the world a little bit smaller.

And most importantly, I’ve come to love the following 3 words.

All expenses paid (keep those freebies coming!!!).

So my advice:  blog.

Just use good judgment, because people will be watching.

And hopefully reading.

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Most Popular Posts of 2010.


Another year is coming to a close (or it’s over… depends on when you read this).

For me, this means one thing.

An easy blog (post… whatever).

So here are the most popular Blogs (posts… whatever) based on comments from 2010.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I’m amazed at the number of people who continue to come back (over 25,000 a month).

A special thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to leave a comment.  I learn far more from you than you do me.

It’s been a great year.

See you in 2011!


January -  We Need to Stop Teaching Our Students How to Write.  (54 comments)

February – How Plumbers Can Improve Education.  (27 comments).

March – Perception.  (22 comments)

April – That Kid.  (17 comments)

May – Times Change, Do You?  (11 comments… slow month)

June – Time to Get Things Off My Desk.  And Chest.  (18 comments)

July – I Stink at Vacation.  (14 Comments)

August – Teacher Tired.  (16 comments)

September – Cursing is Wrong?  I Wish Someone Had Told Me.  (15 comments)

October – First Graders and the F Bomb.  (30 comments)

November – Twitter is Changing Education.  But Not School Desks.  (19 comments)

December – Teachertudes.  (19 comments)

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It's The New News.


Join me in the Education Section of The Huffington Post.


I have no idea, but I’m there.

Click Here.

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Fired for Blogging. It Was Just a Matter of Time.

It was bound to happen.Careful What You Say.  And Do.  And Blog.

Educator blogs.

Educator offends.

Educator gets fired.

Sooner or later someone in my profession was going to lose their job for writing a blog (Click HERE  and HERE to read the whole story).

A bad blog can be your last blog.

Lucky for me, I’ve never written a bad blog (or a good one now that I think about it…).

This story caught my interest because I’ve had people ask, “Aren’t you worried about being fired because of your blog?”


The Blog isn’t that bad (it’s what I like to call consistently mediocre…).

Plus, I can be fired for all kinds of things (legal reasons prevent me from going into more detail).

Having a blog shouldn’t increase the chances of losing your job.

In fact, the benefits of blogging far outweigh the risk of being unemployed.

A blog is a chance to help people, not hurt them.

I do worry stories like this one will make educators hesitant to blog and it shouldn’t.

As with most things in life, it all comes down to common sense.

The rule for educators blogging is quite simple (and there’s just one).

Don’t blog about anything you wouldn’t say loudly in public.

If it’s not appropriate for the teacher’s lounge, the school hallway, the office, at a parent-teacher conference, or in the stands of an athletic event, don’t blog about it.

It’s not that hard.

If it deals with a student or employee, error on the side of caution.

One day someone will walk in my office (or former office as it will then be called) and say, “Get a box.  Get your stuff.  And get out!”

But it won’t be for a bad blog (again, legal reasons prevent me from going into the exact details of what will lead to my inevitable unemployment).

Mainly because I try to think before I type.

And certainly before I hit post.

Blogging isn’t hard.  Good judgment is.

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Am I Weird?

Easy.  Read the blog before you answer.

This may be my shortest entry of all-time (# 351 if you are scoring at home).  It’s really a question disguised as a blog (so much for disguise).I'm Guessing This Guy Doesn't Mind Eating Alone.

Do you think it’s weird to eat out when you are alone?

I’m not talking about fast food.  I’m talking about sitting down, ordering, and eating in a restaurant.

Would you do it?

Have you done it?

Or do you just find this uncomfortably creepy. Maybe your preference would be to simply starve to death?

Or are you like me and eating alone with all of your friends (aka…my creepy uncomfortable feelings) is normal?

I do this even when I get the sense the hostess and waitress find me sad and pathetic.

I mean more sad and pathetic than usual.


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