Happy Blogiversary.

I Couldn't Even Get a Cake.Today is the day. A very special day. And not just because it is the birthday of Ringo Starr and Doc Severinsen (a hip reference for the kids…Google it).

July 7 is the one year anniversary of the PrincipalsPage.com Blog.

This is an emotional moment for all of us (and yes, I am counting general malaise, anger, and contempt as the primary emotions).

I can sense that many of you are feeling overwhelmed.

If you are shedding a tear or feel like you may collapse from the excitement, please keep in mind that you’re not alone.

I am here for you.

I would love to give you a hug if we were together (and if I didn’t mind people touching me, but that is a different story… my therapist says I am not ready to share just yet).

Each year as the sun peaks over the horizon on July 7, thousands of people across the educational world stop and take a moment to salute the PrincipalsPage.com Blog. Okay, maybe not thousands.

Actually as far as I know it’s just me and a creepy guy in Northern Michigan (evidently, there is not a lot to do in that part of the country except stock up on water, beef jerky, and handguns).

You call him crazy; I call him my friend.

Since emotions are running high, I will give everyone a moment to regain their composure.

The Blog started a year ago today. Time really does fly. It seems more like 347 days since it all began.

The Blog has become like another child to me. And not one who is unemployed, plays soccer, eats all of my food, and says she wants to live at home for the rest of her life (I am thinking about getting a lawyer to file a preemptive eviction).

Like our child, the Blog started off by accident. Even so, we have decided to keep it (but like my real kid, I am willing to listen to offers).

During the past year there have been many things that have surprised me about the Blog.

One is that people actually read it. And more surprising, some of them come back. I am still shocked each time someone stops by from the United States, Canada, or the Philippines (seriously, it is my 3rd biggest country for the highest number of visits).

It amazes me that people take time from their busy lives (also very likely sad and boring, but not you creepy guy from Michigan) to read the Blog and leave comments.

Secondly, I had gone through the first part of my life assuming that you need some sort of talent to write. Possibly an English degree or at least a general idea about how the English language works.

Lucky for me it turns out that you don’t need either one.

I did fail in one respect. At the beginning of the year, my intention was to post 135 blogs. I fell just short with 133, but I will strive to do better next year (will I ever run out of stupid thoughts or theories?).

It is also interesting to me that some of the blogs that I like the best get almost no reaction from readers. And on the flip side, some that I feel are moronic (or more moronic than usual) seem to strike a nerve with people.

Thirdly, when this all began I assumed it would be difficult to produce quality work week after week. This is actually true. That is why I have focused on writing in a style I like to call, mediocre to borderline pathetic.

Setting the bar low means I will never be disappointed. Writing a blog is much like life in general. All you really have to do is show up (consistently, you slackers). It really isn’t that complicated.

You don’t have to be the smartest, or best looking, or even have an intelligent thought about much of anything. Just show up.

Lastly, I realized that a well-written blog can be used as a tool to teach others valuable lessons that can help make them better people.

But let’s not get crazy, this blog doesn’t do that.

The point of the PrincipalsPage.com Blog is to… actually, as I have mentioned before there is no point. And that is the way I like it (my first KC and the Sunshine Band reference).

I don’t read many education-related blogs, but when I do something always jumps out at me.

These blogs seem to come in two types. One is the policy related educational articles (that are recycled on 20 other blogs). And the second is far worse. This type of blog is just a forum to share everything that is wrong with schools and education.

I get it. A junior high teacher just ran off with a 12 year old boy to Mexico. Enough already.

My hope is that the PrincipalsPage.com Blog is the exact opposite of those.

Good things do happen at school. And sometimes they are humorous. Not everything in education has to be about lack of funds or test scores.

These funny occurrences may occur during the school day, in the parking lot, during a SNOW DAY, on a vacation, or maybe even in the dark recesses of an angry middle aged man’s mind when his medication isn’t taken in the proper doses (I told the therapist I was capable of opening up eventually).

I hope you have enjoyed the Blog during this first year. Please come back to visit it again and again.

Or not, it is up to you. I will be here either way.

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ALLTOP is the Best Website Ever; If You’re Not Counting PrincipalsPage.com.

Alltop is Almost as Good as PrincipalsPage.com.As I have mentioned before, when I started this website/blog it was by complete accident. I was between jobs and just needed someplace to store a few forms online (no I wasn’t fired… as far as you know).

Turns out I am better at things when I don’t have an expectation of being successful (and by successful I mean… not taking bankruptcy or being convicted of a felony).

This site has grown way beyond anything I could have imagined. Of course, if you set your expectations low enough, it is much easier to reach them.

When I (by I, I mean my wife aka Queen of Technology) put the website online, my five year plan was to have 3 visitors (and I wasn’t even counting family… that would have made it a grand total of 5).

Sure, 3 visitors was a crazy goal at the time, but call me a dreamer.

I am pleased to announce that as we approach my first year online, the website/blog has had well over 3 visitors. I don’t mean to brag, but the official number is well into the low teens.

Once the website passed this lofty mark of 3, I began to imagine even greater things for myself and PrincipalsPage.com.

So I made a list of goals. Please keep in mind that if you are going to dream, reach for the stars (after typing that sentence I feel less of a man and even more feminine than usual).

My new list of 6 goals for the website:

1. World domination (so far this one has been slow going, but it is early).

2. More website hits than ESPN.com (the worldwide leader in sports seems to be winning… but I get a sense that they are getting nervous).

3. Owning a horse named PrincipalsPage.com that wins the Kentucky Derby (I will probably have to settle for a dog, but maybe I can put a saddle on it).

4. Having someone get a tattoo of the PrincipalsPage.com logo on their neck (school administrators do love their ink and who doesn’t want to hire someone to run a school with a large maroon neck tattoo?).

5. Being notified that someone has named their first born PrincipalsPage.com (this one is a mortal lock as I expect it to happen at any time).

6. Winning a trophy (I just like trophies).

While I await my new goals to become reality, I have decided to focus on getting the website/blog listed on as many other sites as possible (and by focus I mean sitting around and eating donuts, tacos, and Snickers while people accidently add PrincipalsPage.com to their sites).

Lucky for me, people from across the country continue to make this mistake.

My latest listing is on Alltop.com. It is a website that I can admire for a couple of reasons.

One, they don’t take themselves too seriously and two, they evidently left an intern in charge who listed the PrincipalsPage.com Blog on their education page.

If you haven’t visited Alltop, you should.

They list blogs that you will probably recognize, but they also have links to others that deserve a bigger audience (although how would I know, I don’t read blogs).

I appreciate all of their help as well as others who are spreading my rambling thoughts, theories, and stories around the educational and blog world.

But let’s be honest. While I am appreciative, who would actually find this blog useful?

To paraphrase dialogue from one of the great cinematic classics of the 21st century, Billy Madison.

“My blog is one of the most insanely idiotic things most people in education have ever read. At no point in my rambling, incoherent writings have I even gotten close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who has visited or listed this blog is now dumber for having done this.

I award all of you no points, and may God have mercy on your souls.”

If you name a baby after the website, or get a neck tattoo, please email me. If you have a baby with a neck tattoo, please don’t enroll them in my school district when they reach kindergarten age.

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Famous People Read This Blog. Or More Likely; He Lost a Bet.

Another Opportunity to Post About Mike Rowe.Today, I am proud to announce that the PrincipalsPage.com Blog had its most famous visitor (that I know of… there could be others… but probably not).

Alan November was kind enough to stop by and leave a comment on “Travel Does Stink, But Alan November Was Great” (and no, I didn’t pay him… not that I wouldn’t, I just can’t afford it).

He qualifies as our most famous visitor because he has his own website, people pay to hear him speak, and it’s my blog so I get to decide who is famous and who isn’t. Please don’t confuse Mr. November with Alan Rickman, Alan Thicke, Alan Keyes, Alan Arkin or Alan Jackson (pretty much all of the famous people with the first name of Alan that I could think of).

As I mentioned before, if you get a chance to hear him speak; run don’t walk. You will learn more about technology in education than you could have ever imagined.

I have no idea why he picked that particular blog on which to leave a omment, but I am assuming he lost some sort of bet and was forced to read it (and possibly because his name was in the title).

You would think that he would be too busy to read this meaningless drivel, but life continues to surprise me.

Since I have officially named Mr. November our most famous guest, I want to thank him. And just as importantly, whoever forced him to read the blog.

Hopefully, he has opened the floodgates and the blog will be flooded by even more famous people.

Actually, I have never understood the fascination with famous people. Aren’t they just like us; only with nicer cars and better hair?

I have always been dumbfounded by the paparazzi following them and taking their picture coming out of Starbucks; or people hounding them for their autograph; and especially the fact that they need to thank God for their latest award (isn’t God too busy to worry about this year’s Best Supporting Actress?).

I usually find famous people odd and a little sad.

But if Mike Rowe stopped by and left a comment, that’s another story. Quick, someone bet him.

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Travel Does Stink, but Alan November was Great.

Mr. Alan November.I survived my first business related travel experience. Barely. There were a couple of bumps in the road (get it… travel… bumps in the road… you don’t get this type of 5th grade humor just anywhere… well, maybe from a 5th grader), but for the most part the trip was okay.

And by okay, I mean just okay. As in I didn’t die or cry myself to sleep. Not that I slept well in a strange place.

I still don’t understand how people do this all of the time. The hotels, finding someplace to eat, the hotels, the messed up routine, and the hotels. Did I mention the hotels?

It is just not natural to sleep in someone else’s bed. Especially if 1,237 “someone’s” have slept in that same bed before you. And by sleep, I mean… well, never mind because if I say it you will never go back to a hotel (and I could open myself up to legal proceedings in Alabama…. so says the PrincipalsPage.com legal department).

So, I will keep these thoughts to myself, much like I try not to think about how many students and parents touch the door handle of the school office on a daily basis.

While I was at the conference, I decided to ask salespeople (did you know salespeople in Latin means; evil bloodsucking devil children? I’m serious… Google it) who were there how they liked traveling for their job.

They all had the same attitude when I asked them questions about business travel (I not only have a Blog; I am a miniature Ron Burgundy).

The nice salespeople (not really… see devil children) got a glazed look in their eyes, cocked their heads to the side, and mumbled something to the effect of, “Travel is okay and I never get tired of breakfast at McDonald’s, dinner at Applebee’s, cold showers, and sleeping in a disgusting hotel bed.”

The glazed look told me they would rather be home with their families.

I felt the same way after only a couple of days. I missed my wife, my unemployed daughter, my pillow, my bed, my shower, my computer, my refrigerator, my TV, and my routine. I even missed school (any chance that changes by about 8:27 on Monday morning?).

But the important thing is I survived.

One good thing that came out of the week was attending a conference presentation that was actually good. And not just good, but great.

I listened to Alan November for 2 hours. It seemed like 12 minutes and 14 seconds (I have a stopwatch in my head).

He talked about the future of education, technology, and how as administrators we need to change the way we think about teaching our students.

This includes classroom technology, the internet, teacher evaluations, testing, length of class periods, etc. He has a strong belief that educators should be using resources that allow them to interact with teachers and students from all over the world; not just down the hall.

As an administrator who has the opportunity to sit through 37 meetings a week; this was the best presentation that I have had the pleasure of hearing.

He had just the right amount of information, sprinkled with a little sarcasm and just a hint of anger.

Who am I kidding? He may be my biological father (I wonder if he has an alibi for New Year’s of 1967?).

Anyways, he was excellent. After sitting through 14 sessions, this was a welcome and much needed surprise.

Our school district won’t be able to implement everything he talked about at once, but we can work towards it slowly but surely.

I was so excited after listening to him, that I briefly considered flying to Boston to thank him. Then I remembered the hotel bed thing.

Maybe I will just call. Or Skype. Or maybe, he can just read this blog.

He is correct about one thing; the world is getting smaller. And the people that understand this best are our students.

I wonder if they understand the hotel bed thing.

If you get a chance to hear Mr. November present, run don’t walk. You won’t be sorry. Unless you have to stay in a hotel.

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The Educational Community has a Lot of Experts. I’m Not One of Them, but I am Available for Hire.

This Guy is an Expert in Something.  Not Sure What... But Definitely an Expert.As I was contemplating the 100th PrincipalsPage.com Blog (this is it, please send your congratulatory packages and emails in the next week or so), several things crossed my mind.

One, I spend way too much time contemplating. But, lucky for me I continue to have lots of free time.

Two, 100 Blogs are 99 more than I thought I could write. Turns out having a Blog is much like going to college. You don’t have to be overly smart, you just have to turn the TV off every so often and show up (or at least be bright enough to schedule around The Price is Right).

This plan worked in college as I received my degrees, and it seems to be working with the Blog. My intention is to stick with this plan and ride it out until it fails me.

The really nice thing about my slopping (I mean writing) the Blog (not counting the large salary, benefit package, and company car) is that I am my own boss.

No deadlines. No expectations of actually doing something productive. No one evaluating my performance (other than some harshly worded emails, but I forgive you).

I may have mentioned this before, but the Blog was started simply to drive a little traffic to the website (www.PrincipalsPage.com). It was my hope that this resource would occasionally benefit an administrator or two who needed a little help writing a letter, or finding a form.

Since that was such a small goal, I think I can say it has been accomplished. Plus, since no one is evaluating me; everything I do; I get to think is great.

During my extensive contemplating (aka: working in the yard), something else occurred to me.

In the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to attend a lot of meetings, panel discussions, and conferences.

In conclusion, I dislike them all immensely; the meetings, the speakers, the subjects, the bad breakfast food, and above all – the chairs.

The older I get, the more important it is that I have a comfortable chair.

The doorbell just rang and after writing that sentence I’m a bit afraid it might be Death at my front door.

The reason for my distaste of meetings and everything they entail is that I am genuinely surprised when the guest speaker is good. My expectation level has been beaten down to the point that I am ecstatic if they are just mediocre.

Anything less than them being horrendous is a victory in my mind.

All of the speakers are self-appointed experts in their fields. They get paid loads of money to stand up and talk for 2 hours and I am forced to sit there listening (in an uncomfortable chair).

The meeting could be about RtI, special education, insurance, technology, curriculum, Title I, or pest management; but the quality of speaker is usually the same (Except when the presenter is my wife speaking about the use of technology. Always a great presentation!)

That is why I am anointing myself an educational expert on… Nothing. Yes, that’s right, I am officially the first expert on Nothing.

I will come and speak to your school or organization for a large sum of money (plus mileage) about Nothing as it relates to education.

That way the people who have to sit through my presentation won’t be disappointed. The can expect Nothing and that is exactly what they will get. Plus, if they are early they may have a bagel.

I have to go as I think my phone just rang. (Hope it isn’t Death calling to tell me he’ll be back tomorrow since I didn’t answer the door earlier!)

This Blog was written under duress. My wife only agreed to proofread it, if I added one sentence. She won’t allow me to say which one.

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This Blog is Not for Sale. On Second Thought, Make Me an Offer.

This whole blog writing thing is getting out of hand. Why you ask? (and thank you for asking, otherwise this blog would be over after one sad little sentence)

Is it the pressure of producing a humorous, intelligent, and well-thought out blog 2-3 times a week? Hardly. If you thought that, this is obviously your first visit.

I have been meaning to make the blogs humorous, intelligent, and well-thought out but I must admit I have been busy (and lacking talent).

This less than mediocre attempt at half-hearted writing comes relatively easy. I know… most of you aren’t shocked at this admission. In other earth shattering news… the sky is blue and Simon Cowell is opinionated and sometimes mean (and usually right on the money by the way).

I have gotten hundreds of emails (actually 3) asking for career advice about administration, requests to publish, and product placements within the blog.

Actually, that is a lie. I have gotten two, with the other one being best classified as a “threat”. I would like to say more, but the whole thing looks like it will be tied up in the judicial system for years.

Why companies want their product or award included in this blog, I will never know. Maybe they are hoping to sell fewer items or have fewer people apply for their awards.

Hard to tell, lots of crazies out there.Turns Out It's Hard to Find a Not For Sale Sign.

My latest request came from a big-time public relations person who is obviously going to be unemployed in the next week (job tip- don’t spend so much time on the internet during work hours reading blogs about nothing).

The request was to have me include information about an award for teachers being given by Lands’ End. Evidently, the PR firm she works for (or used to work for) has Lands’ End as a client (or a former client once they read this… oh who am I kidding?… like they will ever read this).

But, I am not surprised. It was just a matter of time before big-time corporations came begging for the PrincipalsPage.com Seal of Approval (that was hard to type without laughing and/or throwing up).

Anyway, here is the plug. It is the least I could do for all the great teachers out there who read the blog.

Lands’ End is announcing the Teachers Light the Way Contest. The company will recognize outstanding teachers that have made a difference in the life of a student, a school or a community.

Forty-five (45) teachers will receive the coveted Lands’ End Lighthouse Award… representing the company’s 45-year history.

Three (3) Grand Prize winners that will receive between $4,000-$10,000 for the teachers to split with the winning school.

Forty-two (42) Honorable Mention winning teachers will receive a $100 Lands End gift card.

But that’s not all: readers who nominate a Grand Prize winning teacher will also receive a $250 Lands’ End gift card. Readers who nominate an Honorable Mention winning teacher will get a $25 Lands End gift card.

If your readers would like to recognize an extraordinary teacher or get more information, they can submit an essay up to 500 words and fill out the online entry form at www.landsend.com/teacheraward.

The contest will end at midnight, April 17, 2008.

Now I will just sit back and wait for the big checks from Lands’ End to start rolling in. What? I am not getting paid?

That is a rip.

How about a free t-shirt? I am an XL.

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Teachers Can’t Focus Long Enough to Read This Sentence.

Focus.  Or Lack of It.In working with teachers and being a former teacher myself, it has occurred to me that at times we struggle to stay on task.

I think we have the ability to focus, we just choose to ignore this skill on occasion (okay, most the time… I am trying to be polite).

We are often consumed by a gnawing feeling that we should be doing something else.

That something else is always way more important to us than the task at hand.

The examples are endless, but here are a few (more than that and I run the risk that you, the reader, would lose what little focus you have).

Have to sit through a teacher’s meeting… in our mind we should be grading papers.

Have to listen to administrator’s babble… we should be getting lesson plans ready for next week (or more honestly, tomorrow).

Have to sit through a tiresome technology workshop… need to be planning for daughter’s wedding (so, she is only 7… that day is going to sneak up on us).

Have to sit through a curriculum meeting… hoping to get called to the office and get yelled at for something we didn’t do, as it would be less painful.

Have to call an angry parent back… would rather be gouging eye out with freshly sharpened pencil (or really dull pencil, your choice… if you don’t have a pencil, please feel free to use a spoon).

Have to give a mandated test… we want to just sit quietly and hope for the sweet relief of death.

I don’t know if the ability to have our minds someplace else is a skill we are born with, or we pick it up over lunch in the lounge.

Maybe we were all taught this skill in a college course, but I just don’t remember as my mind was already someplace else (it was like I was a teaching prodigy).

And while we are very good at thinking our time would be better spent elsewhere, we also have the ability to completely tune out a speaker and talk among ourselves.

Examples include… every meeting, workshop, training, or place where teachers gather in packs.

Please don’t be offended.

Although, I don’t have to worry about being offensive if you are with other teachers right now… because your mind is someplace else, or you are talking when you should be reading.

The PrincipalsPage.com lawyer advised me to write a short explanation of how I didn’t mean to offend teachers at the conclusion of this blog. But, needless to say I was thinking about school when he was talking, so I didn’t exactly catch what he said.

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The School Administrators Arch Nemisis.

You Know I Heard Every Snowflake is Different.  Just Saying...If you work in a school it is very likely that you have enemies. I am sorry you had to hear this from me, but it is better than getting this kind of bad news from a total stranger on the street.

Principals and Superintendents seem especially likely to attract people or things that don’t like them.

It may be as simple as a parent who respectfully disagrees with you (I will give you a moment until the laughter subsides… I must admit that it wasn’t easy typing respectfully with a straight face).

Maybe it is a student to whom you have had to give a detention, or maybe you took their hat because they wore it in the building, or possibly you banished them for life from parking on school grounds because they still feel the need to drive 105 miles an hour past the little kids’ playground (you know who you are and I am watching).

It could even be a disgruntled employee that you have to “encourage” to work a little harder (I have none of these problems as I am beloved by everyone with whome I come into contact; it is purely an example).

Other enemies may include; the nice lady at the State Board of Education you got short with, or the cockroaches in the Seniors’ lockers (if I have told them once, I have told them a thousand times… no food in the lockers), or the people who sell schools 12 trillion dollars in insurance yet never seem to want to pay a claim.

The list of possible enemies goes on and on and I haven’t even mentioned; fans, bus drivers, snow removal people, cooks, lawyers, politicians, stray dogs, or strangers at the post office.

Just for the record, the PrincipalsPage.com legal department has advised me to include the following statement. I (or anyone I have ever met) have never, or will ever be involved in any of the situations written about in the first 6 paragraphs of this blog. Also, I am sorry I hung up on you lady at the State Board.

That being said, most people love their Principal or Superintendent (again, please take a moment to regain your composure… sometimes I even crack myself up).

I think it is a big part of our jobs to try and get along with everyone. We are the Switzerland of school employees (I was going to write that we are the statue in the park and the rest of the world is made up of pigeons… but that seemed a little harsh… and again the PrincipalsPage.com legal department is throwing their weight around).

Administrators can and should get along with all kinds of people. We should treat others as we want to be treated (that is kind of catchy, I am thinking about calling it the Golden Rule).

As I was telling my daughter as I walked her to Sunday School… “you shouldn’t hate anyone.”

Unless it is the weatherman. I can’t stand that guy.

Why the harsh feelings you ask?

Because of his total inability to predict snow. He has no idea if we are getting flurries or 27 feet of snow.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I looooooove a SNOW DAY as much as the next person, but as an administrator the weatherman has become Enemy #1.

Last night on the 10 o’clock news he announces that we are getting between 4 and 6 inches of snow overnight. That is only half the story. He also adds that we will have 45 mile an hour winds causing untold drifting and mayhem for the next 24 hours.

Then he said it. I still can believe the words came out of his mouth. He was like Ralphie spewing obscenities on the Christmas Story.

He says, “Kids, make sure you watch the Early News tomorrow as we will have what I expect to be a large number of school closings.”

How does he know? At best he has a 50/50 chance of predicting the sun will come up tomorrow. I don’t think he has a clue what wind chill is (just for the record, it is the temperature of windless air that would have the same effect on exposed human skin as a given combination of wind speed and air temperature… that little bit of trivia comes from taking Weather and Climate class… Spring semester 1986).

Needless to say, I slept a total of 12 minutes last night. I looked out the window about 87 times, so that I could see the snow and the wind and then cancel school.

Guess what. No snow. No wind. And as I type this the sun just came out.

Luckily, I didn’t cancel school in advance. This morning all staff members and students managed to make it to school on time (despite the sunshine in their eyes).

The kids looked as tired as I feel. It was almost like they stayed up until 3:00 a.m. playing video games. They must have anticipated a SNOW DAY.

I wonder where they got that idea.

I hate that guy.

Maybe I should look on the bright side. The students and I now have something in common, an enemy.

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PrincipalsPage.com- Why?

Thanks for taking a moment to read the first ever Blog on PrincipalsPage.com. I will be stunned if anyone is actually interested, but I guess we will find out. I thought for my first undertaking I should take a moment and explain how this website came about. My future blogs will deal with educational issues, or maybe something entirely outside that spectrum.

PrincipalsPage.com originated last spring while I was in the process of changing buildings as an administrator. Because of this, it occurred to me that I wanted to save and have access to all of the forms that I had used, created, and borrowed from others in the last four years. Why in the World Would I Blog?

The original website was only going to be a listing of forms that I could access off the internet. Then one thing led to another and as my wife worked her web mastering magic the website started to build itself. The site is free and will always be that way. I can’t imagine charging people for information that has been shared between administrators in the past. In school administration, I think the only people who truly understand what we deal with on a daily basis are other administrators.

After the first version of the site was complete, we got the bright idea to add the forum. The thing that has surprised me about the forum is the number of guests we get compared to the number of members who register. We have approximately 200 guests before we get a new member. I am amazed that in a short time, by word of mouth only, that people stop by just to read the new content that has been posted.

Now that we have the informational website, forum, and the blog- I am not sure what is next, but I am sure something will come along. My hope is we can make PrincipalsPage.com as interactive as possible, so teachers, administrators, and soon-to-be administrators stop by the site and share information. I think I would like to start a guest blog, where administrators from around the United States can write a short blog on an issue facing them in their part of the country.

If you have suggestions for me on what should be on the site or how it should look, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. Any and all suggestions will be considered.

Thanks for taking your time to visit PrincipalsPage.com. Please share the website with your friends in education.

My next blog will be about my thoughts regarding a small town not allowing candy to be thrown from floats in a parade (safety issue)… don’t get me started.

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