How President Obama Can Improve Schools. For Free.

I don’t mean to be Captain Obvious, but I have noticed during the course of my career that K-12 education could use some tweaking.

You may not have picked up on the issues because they are so subtle.

Or maybe you have just been busy with NCLB and testing (the first 3 sentences can be chalked up to sarcasm and anger issues… we will now return to our regularly scheduled blog…).

The truth is education isn’t perfect and probably never will be.POTUS.

There are way too many variables to make every school great for all students.

Even though this is an uphill battle, I want to do my part.

What better way to improve education than to tell the President of the United States how he should do his job.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the man needs my help.

And please don’t thank me, it’s the least I can do.

President Obama is busy. I noticed he has a lot going on with this whole economy thing.

Saving the banks, the car companies, helping people sell their houses, trying to keep everyone employed, and making sure Vice-President Biden doesn’t say something we will all regret is a lot of work for one man.

I don’t think he has the time to focus on education.

So I am here to help (I will assume the moans and laughter I hear coming from the Blog readers are sounds of respect and relief…. and surely not mockery and disgust…).

Fixing education is a big challenge. It’s an expensive proposition and since the government can’t just print more money (excuse me for a moment… while I try not to laugh…), I think the President needs some cheap alternatives.

I have an idea that will not only improve students and schools, but the entire country.

Not just in the short term, but for decades.

It will touch the lives of every citizen in this great land.

And the best part? It’s free.

Yes, you heard me… free.

The President can use my idea to cement his legacy as The Great Education President (this sounds a lot better that “The Man Who Has to Keep an Eye on the Biden Guy 24/7”).

My advice is pure gold (if I am hyping this too much… please let me know…

I would charge President Obama, but I know he is on a limited income. He is also facing the prospect of putting two daughters through college (I feel badly for him… his wife isn’t even working… and he has that new dog to feed).

My idea: The President needs to hold a press conference on national TV and address one subject.

He should speak directly to the school children of America and say that starting today; he expects every school in the country to…


All milk cartons, cans, newspapers, magazines, and every piece of paper.

No exceptions.

All students and all schools.

He should add that these students need to model this behavior at home and get their parents and relatives to recycle.

I am positive that kids will listen to the President when he speaks directly to them.

Just think, literally overnight the President of the United States can improve schools, student’s behavior towards the environment, and influence parents and families… all for free.

It will be like reverse peer pressure. Young people changing older people’s behaviors.

After one speech the world will be a better place.

I am sure there are readers who are going to say “This would just be another unfunded mandate. How are schools going to pay for this?”

Pay for what?

Schools could use the trash cans they have now. Or boxes. Or whatever containers they can get their hands on.

State and local government should be expected to give school districts a discount or even free recycling dumpsters for all the materials they are about to produce.

What’s the downside?

There isn’t one as far as I can tell.

Nobody likes the government telling us what do, but in this case everybody wins.

The environment, communities, children, and the President.

The students of today will take this lesson and behavior into the rest of their lives and the world will be better for it.

Students will listen to the President. Especially a young, cool President.

I took the government’s advice when I was a kid.

They said in the event of a nuclear war… hide under your desk with your hands covering your head.

I did. And I am alive today to blog about it.

Thank you government. Without your sage advice, I might not be here today. I might have died while sitting in my desk with my head uncovered.

And thank you in advance President Obama for saving our planet.

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