OJ, Rock Hudson, Nicole Ritchie, Sanjaya, and Paris Hilton.

Are we raising an entire generation of children whose goal is to be famous without having any discernable talent?

Everyone has a talent at something; you just have to find it. Our educational system isn’t really set up for discovering your individual talent, but that is a whole different blog.

When I was a kid, besides walking 12 miles to school each day- often times finding that both ways were up hill and it always seemed to be snowing, you had a goal for when you grew up. Granted, it was probably unrealistic, but it seemed liked everyone wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse, baseball player, a train conductor, a mom, an astronaut- the list goes on. I Can Remember When O.J. Was a Good Guy.

We had role models, some that you could even count on (sorry, OJ). As I have gotten older, I have realized perception of our role models wasn’t actually reality (sorry, Rock Hudson). I think in 2007 with 24 hour news channels, we know way too much about everyone. Too much information about actors and actresses, politicians, and even famous people who aren’t even real celebrities and don’t have an ounce of talent (sorry, Nicole Ritchie).

Which brings me to my point that I believe kids today have grown up in an MTV Real World, Survivor, American Idol, Big Brother, and VH1 Reality show world in which people become famous simply because they get on TV. You don’t have to be good, or talented, or even have a skill. Sometimes the less talent you have, the more famous you can become (sorry, Sanjaya).

In the past, if you did something infamous, you were kicked out of the cool and famous group. Now, the more outlandish your behavior is, the more famous you can become.

We are going to end up with kids who think that if they can only get on TV and use terrible language, bad judgment, and make poor choices, that they will have a real chance to become famous and therefore, successful.

This may be true, but they will not have accomplished anything and they will not have made themselves or the world better (sorry, Paris Hilton). But they will be famous.

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