Google Wallet. The Future is in Your Pocket.

As I get older it’s becoming more and more apparent that certain things no longer exist.

Lots of things I grew up with and took for granted just aren’t relevant.

They’re gone.

Like the dinosaurs.

And Swatches.

And tight-rolled jeans.

Don’t forget Phil Collins (which most of us have… whatever happened to him anyway?)

One day sooner rather than later I will be on this list (a list I constantly update in my head because it reminds me of how old and out of date I’ve become).


The official If You Remember This Junk You Are Old List:

Cassette Tapes.

Floppy disks (8 inch and 3.5 inch).

Desktop computers (with mega giant monitors).

Atari (best days of my life).



8mm video cameras.

VHS tapes.

Reel to reel movie projectors (can anyone say we have a Sub today!!!)

Record players.

Transistor radios.

Slide projectors (how I loved the beeeeeep when it was time to move on to the next slide).

Boom boxes (the 80’s were a special time).


Rotary phones (and bag phones).

Walkmans and Discmans.

Pagers (drug dealers and gang members gave these such a bad name).

Calculator watches (nothing screamed Geek like a calculator watch).

Zip drives.


Polaroid cameras.

8 tracks.

And soon my all-time favorite, newspapers.


All gone.

Now, Google wants my wallet (Google Wallet, coming to a store near you).  They are no longer happy just printing money, now they want to take it out of our pockets.

It’s hard to imagine a world without credit and debit cards, but it’s coming.

It’s even harder to imagine that one day I will have to explain to my grandkids how we used to carry paper money around in leather foldy things stuffed in our back pockets (and yes, we were off-balance… and we liked it).



Maybe the Overlords at Google are going to advance our society in positive ways we can’t imagine (my compliments on the Coca-Cola and Subway plugs).

Maybe they will become so rich and powerful they can actually change their Save Button on Google docs to something other than a floppy disk (really, Google… 15 year olds don’t correlate the Save function with Floppies).

While the above blog does take shots at Google (which breaks the code of being a Google Certified Administrator), I can assure you I will be the first one on my block to purchase a Google wallet. 

Say goodbye, pennies.

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My Father’s Day Gift: The House All to Myself.

Happy Father's Day!The family flew to Florida today. I didn’t go. Something about staying behind to work.

Oh, and I wasn’t invited.

Don’t feel bad for me. Sometimes it is a blessing not to be invited.

Plus my wife is letting me tag along to the NECC Conference with her (can you say tax write off… I feel like such a piece of meat… does she not know that I have feelings) and then we are going to Colorado on the family vacation. So that is enough travel for me for one summer.

Too much time in airports makes me a cranky administrator (alright, crankier).

They got on a plane for Florida early Saturday morning. They are meeting my daughter’s grandma and her aunt for an all girl’s vacation.

6 days for them in Florida. 6 days of them being in Florida for me.

This may sound harsh, but getting the house all to myself for an extended period just doesn’t happen very often.

Because of this opportunity, I didn’t want to be invited. It was the perfect storm for a non-invitation. You have Florida, beaches, the all-girls thing, and missing work.

Here are my reasons.

Florida isn’t my favorite spot because it is hot and full of old people (granted, I will be old soon), bad drivers (see old people, mostly from out of state), and it rains every day around 4:00 p.m. (just in time for the old people to get wet as they go to dinner… and no one likes the smell of wet old people).

Then there are the beaches. I know people love to just sit and stare at the ocean, but to me it is just sitting and staring at the ocean. I get it. It’s sand and water. How can you expect me to sit there quietly for 8 hours?

This goes against everything that I hold sacred.

My wife tells me I should read a book. Why fly 7 hours to sit in the heat and read. We have a library just a few blocks from the house (and it is air conditioned).

As I mentioned, it is also an all-girls trip. They will spend 6 days staring at the ocean and talking about… well I have no idea. I am assuming there will be lots of conversations about flowers, babies, clothes, and girl’s stuff that I don’t understand (actually I do understand, I just try not to think about it).

And I didn’t want to miss work (did I just write that?). Suddenly, I am feeling a little nauseous.

Normally, I would jump at the chance to skip out on work in June. School is out for the year and the beginning of next year seems so far away.

But it is that time of year when 3 or 4 teachers resign as they move on to new jobs.

This means I have plenty of work to do at school (I am guessing about 25 interviews before the hiring season comes to a close).

No time for the beach.

So I will be spending Father’s Day alone. All alone. By myself.

It’s great.

And so quiet.

I don’t think the Florida vacation was meant to be my Father’s Day gift, but it sure has worked out that way.

6 days of doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Catching up on yard work, golfing, and watching TV in peace (just for the record I am wearing pants as I write this, although not wearing them is certainly an option that deserves consideration).

This also means I am presently sitting in the house where the tempature is hovering around 57 degrees (and I don’t have to feel badly because the wife isn’t walking around wearing a jacket and stocking cap complaining that it is hard to Twitter when she can’t feel her fingers).

The only downside is that I can’t (or won’t) cook. I may starve to death. I think I can survive until Thursday, but time will tell.

The nice people at Pizza Hut were kind enough to provide me with dinner (along with the kind ladies at Subway who provided me lunch).

So the girls get to enjoy themselves in Florida and I get to do whatever I want for almost a whole week.

Don’t get me wrong, I will miss them. Quiet is great for awhile, but I am sure at some point it will get too quiet (I need some noise or else the voices in my head become too clear).

Before they left, I got to open my real Father’s Day gift.

Much to my surprise, my daughter purchased me a Nintendo Wii. It’s the gift she has always wanted.

Nothing says Father’s Day like your only child taking your money and buying themselves a video game.

Actually, I am glad she got me (us) the video game. It is a lot of fun (I didn’t realize how far video games have come since Pacman, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and my personal favorite Frogger).

The whole family will enjoy it and get to spend time together (but not for a few days).

The downside is she has already called me 3 times from Florida to tell me that I need to practice while she is gone.

She needs some competition when she gets back.

And they will be back before I know it. Truthfully, in a couple of days I will be counting down the minutes until I get to see them.

In the meantime, I need to find some teachers and sharpen my video game skills.

But before I do that, I am going to sit on the couch (possibly wearing pants… haven’t decided yet) and enjoy the quiet.

Happy Father’s Day everybody.

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I Went to the City Again. Man my Suitcase was Heavy.

I Can't Pack.I took another trip to big city this weekend. As it turns out, I am still dumbfounded by many things (mostly my odd and some would say erratic behavior).

I still don’t understand why people in the city need the following on every city block; a Wal-greens, Starbucks, Subway, and Dunkin Donuts. I think I have mentioned this before, but it really bothers me. It is my theory that people in the city would be friendlier if we just gave them some shopping choices.

Every city block is exactly the same. Walk in any direction and you can get a magazine, an overpriced coffee, a 6 inch ham and cheese sub, and donuts that will make your heart stop for 45 seconds. Don’t worry, the coffee always brings you back (that 12 dollars you spend on a small cup is worth it).

In my mind the city takes more effort and patience than I am willing to put forth. That is why I am always glad to return home.

I have no interest in taking 25 minutes to travel a mile and a half in traffic. Also, does every cab driver have to honk at every man, woman, child, dog, and squirrel that is within 250 feet of their vehicle- usually for no apparent reason (technically, I made up the squirrel part- they don’t live in the city- their little hearts can’t take the donuts or coffee)?

Also, if I am hungry, I want to eat 10 minutes ago; not wait in line for three hours for a table. Plus, I like breakfast as much as the next person (most important meal of the day!), but a banana, a yogurt, and two biscuits and gravy all washed down with a luke warm glass of chocolate milk isn’t worth twenty bucks (plus tip, or as they say in the city- gratuity).

On top of this, I am still confused at where people in the city shop for groceries. This continues to be one of the great mysteries of my life (along with Donald Trump’s hair- is it a toupee or a comb over- it exhausts me just to look at it).

I must have walked by 3 gun shops, 14 tattoo parlors, and 27 bars (all of which frightened me), but not one grocery store.

On top of this confusion, it has become apparent that I am not cut out for a life where I go from one city to the next on business. Luckily for me, these types of job offers aren’t really pouring in.

One thing has become abundantly clear to me as I travel the world. I am the worst packer in the world.

Not to offend the better half of the human race, but I pack like a girl. And even sadder, I recognize this and still can’t change this pathetic behavior.

The best I can tell is if I am going to be gone three days I need (not want mind you, but need) at least the minimum of the following items; 57 pairs of underwear, 42 pairs of socks, 9 pairs of jeans, 27 shirts, 3 watches, 14 pairs of shoes, and a partridge in a pear tree.

This takes a lot of work to get ready for a short trip, but it is worse when I get home and realize that I have to put up 54 pairs of underwear, 39 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of jeans, 24 shirts, 2 watches, and 13 pairs of shoes that I didn’t wear.

Maybe I would be better off living in the city, where I didn’t have to worry about packing to visit the city because I would already be there.

Of course, then I would have a larger problem in that I would starve to death because I certainly have no idea where to find a grocery store.

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