School on Monday Would be Better if Super Bowl Sunday Was on Saturday.

NFL-SBMy longest title, for one of my shortest blogs.

I don’t have time to write because I have to get ready for a Super Bowl Party like the rest of the 301,139,947 people in America (Google it). This isn’t even counting our new friends from Canada.

My theory is that school and businesses suffer greatly on the Monday following the Super Bowl. If you don’t know why, you are attending the wrong Super Bowl party.

This coming week I can guarantee that every newspaper and news website will have a story on the lost amount of work hours and money that is directly related to people being tired (it is a family blog after all) from the effects of a Super Bowl Party.

I think I have a solution to this that will save everyone a lot of wasted time and money.

Make Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl Saturday.

Its genius lies in its simplicity.

I am surprised that corporations haven’t forced this on the NFL. If they have the game on Saturday, everyone is still going to watch and have a party. Who wants to miss a new million dollar commercial involving monkeys, Clydesdales, or Justin Timberlake?

Having the game one day earlier will help curtail people from calling in sick on Monday (no subs please), or showing up to work and accomplishing nothing but taking Advil and drinking coffee.

Schools will accomplish more with more focused employees, less sick days being used, and students who are not as tired.

So when the NFL finally makes the change to Saturday, remember you heard it here first.

Better yet, maybe schools could make Monday the official Super Bowl Holiday and I could have a four day weekend (I haven’t forgotten you Snow Day).

The fact that in America, we arbitrarily move holidays to ensure longer weekends drives me crazy. If it is important enough to celebrate, it is important enough to keep on the actual date (thanks for letting me get that off my chest). Enjoy the Super Bowl and cross your fingers for a commercial with talking monkeys. The best commercial will be posted on the front page of (where currently there is one about monkeys).

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I Will Always Cherish Our Time Together, Snow Day.

Love the Snow Day.  Not a Big Fan of Shoveling.The SNOW DAY has come and gone. This most special of all school days comes so infrequently, and the thrill is enormous. Yet, I come crashing down when it is all over (I may need rehab; only time will tell).

SNOW DAYS are indeed extraordinary and should be treated with the greatest respect.

They are on the same level as Christmas morning, the Super Bowl, the birth of my first child, and the return of Paige Davis to Trading Spaces (simply put, WOW!).

Does it make me a terrible father if I say the actual birth of my child was a little disturbing? Oh, it does? Then it was the most amazing moment of my life, and I will always cherish that wonderful experience.

Moving on.

The first SNOW DAY of the year had an unexpected benefit. And I am not talking about me being able to sleep in, do what I want all day, and nap several times during and in between me doing what I wanted all day.

The most surprising part of the day came when The Best School Day of the Year easily became my most read blog (to date, I am sure there are hundreds of lonely, dysfunctional, evidently extremely bored educators who will stumble upon my blog in the months to come).

Because so many people took the time to read the blog, I can only assume a couple of things.

One, educators love SNOW DAYS more than prep periods or pay days, and two, people across the country continue to amaze me with their commitment to wasting time on the internet (i.e. reading blogs; more specifically… mine).

My email was overflowing (not really, just play along… it is called creative license), with readers commenting and asking questions about my SNOW DAY.

The #1 question (okay, only one) was,” What did I do on my SNOW DAY?” If you have to ask, you don’t truly understand the power of the SNOW DAY.

A SNOW DAY specialness lies in not what you do, but more significantly in what you don’t do.

My day was special because I didn’t do any of the following; get up at 5:00 a.m., iron my clothes, wear a tie, take phone calls from salespeople, read 147 emails with “Just Wanted to Give You a Heads Up” in the subject line, ask every student in the hallway if they have a pass, tell junior high boys to keep their hands to themselves, pick up trash, close lockers, or the 98 other things that need to be done 10 minutes ago.

That is the true beauty of the SNOW DAY. It comes out of nowhere and forces you to take a day off and slow down.

No meetings. No schedule. No anything. Just the entire day to do whatever you want.

It is exactly like being a kid on one of those never ending summer days. When you are so busy playing that you didn’t even want to take time to stop and eat.

That is exactly what a SNOW DAY is like, except now I am old and, of course, it is not summer, and I didn’t forget to eat.

In fact, I ate a lot. This may explain the marathon of naps.

But now the SNOW DAY has come and gone. I am not going to lie, a big part of me feels overwhelmed by sadness. I will soon be facing another school day.

Back to the day-to-day grind. It makes me think that maybe I should find another career.

I just need to find a job where I have the same schedule every day, get summers off, not have to come in on holidays, receive a raise every year, can be home by 4:30 several times a week, not have to work in the heat or cold, and get to sleep in a couple of times a year because there is too much SNOW on the roads.

On second thought, I do love my job. Thanks SNOW DAY. Hopefully, we will meet again.

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