Google Teacher Academy for Administrators. Time to Review.


I survived my trip to San Antonio.

Sadly (for blogging purposes), nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I don’t mind saying, I felt a little jipped.

No drama.  No “incidents” on the plane.  No random stranger doing something stupid.PrincipalsPage Meets Google.  Good Times.

Just a Google Conference.

I say just, but it was so much more.

A 12 hour conference (sounds long, but it’s not really that long once you figure in snack time… and I do love my snack time).

The conference was many things.  Mainly it was an overload of information.  But in a good way.

Now that I’ve had a few days to comprehend my experience, here are my thoughts (in no particular order). 


  • Conference hotels gouge you.  Bad.  This should be a crime, but instead it’s considered good business.



  • It came to my attention (in the first 14 seconds) that employees of Google are way smarter than me.  Way smarter.  Way way smarter (and childlike… they looked 12 years old).


  • Presenters with a sense of humor interest me.  Your information can be life changing, but after sitting 9 hours straight… I need a laugh.


  • Google employees seem to really enjoy their jobs (they seem happier than educators… maybe because, in my mind, they are allowed to take their dogs to work).


  • No matter how much you know about Google Docs, Google Calendar, and everything else Google… you know nothing.  Actually you know less than nothing.


  • A 3 hour layover doesn’t sound like a long time, but it is.  Time spent in the Atlanta airport is like prison.  Every second lasts hours (and there’s no early release program).


  • Ben and Jerry’s serves a fabulous lunch.  I recommend adding a brownie to whatever entree you order.


  • Google’s applications are free.  Microsoft’s are not.  You do the math.


  • Outdoor heated pools are still cold when the temperature is in the 50’s.


  • Google Calendar has a thousand great features.  Unfortunately none of them get me places on time.


  • All schools are different.  All schools are the same.


  • No matter where you go, there are interesting people.


  • Eating Mexican food while wearing a suit almost never turns out well.  Or at least for your tie.


  • They sell a lot of jumbo extra large margaritas on The Riverwalk in San Antonio, yet you never see someone fall in (the river).  How is this possible?



  • Did I mention Google employees are smart?  I did?  Sorry for repeating myself, but I’m stupid (or at least way less smart than them).


  • You can’t decide the long-term direction of your school district after a one day conference.  Even if it’s Google.


  • One day soon, there will be a news story about a divorce caused by too much Twittering.  One of the spouses will have had enough.


  • Airplane seats in the emergency row are pure gold (so that’s what it feels like to stretch my legs…).  They are First Class (or Business Class) without the free booze.


  • Google Docs is free magic.  I would explain it to you, but I’m still trying to process it.


  • Every tech nerd in America owns/wants an Android phone (sorry Blackberry… you had a good run).


  • If you walk up to me and say “I’ve read every blog you’ve ever written”, you might want to consider getting a job.  Or possibly a date.


  • If you recognize me in an elevator, I might want to get a restraining order.


  • Microsoft should be worried.  If Google plays their cards right, Word and Excel may eventually disappear from schools.


  • How do people taller than 5’10” fit into an airplane bathroom?  Even more confusing, how do they use an airplane bathroom?


  • All airplane stewardesses (flight attendants.. whatever) look tired.

That’s my trip.

To summarize, it was an honor and a pleasure.

I’m thrilled to be one of only 2 (?) superintendents in the country to be a Google Certified Teacher.

I now feel like I know so much.  And I feel like I have so much to learn.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Google.

Thanks Buddy the Dog.  Without your video, I’m just a creepy guy talking to himself.

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Flying is Cool.

As I type, I’m on my way to San Antonio, Texas.  You know it’s the home of The Alamo (which I’m sorry to say is on my ever-growing list of disappointing national landmarks).

The good news is I’m not walking.  Or taking a canoe (which is good because I’m only on swim/not drown lesson #3).  Or riding a horse.  Or going by train.  Or even driving.

I’m flying.How Do Planes Work?  Seriously?

In a giant metal tube with tiny little wheels thousands of feet above the earth (it might be Kentucky or maybe Georgia… hard to tell… all clouds look alike to me).

As a proud member of the human race, I’m always amazed by our ability to fly.

Who was the first genius to even think this was a possibility.

I can eat peanuts, read a magazine, listen to babies cry, and cruise the internet all at 10,000 feet (and don’t forget you can use the bathroom in the middle of the sky… and while it may be gross (and cramped), it still impresses me).

I’m equally amazed by how put out and angry other passengers are about flying.

In the sake of full-disclosure, it should be noted that I never flew before 9/11.  My only experience with air travel is with the new security measures that have been put in place to keep us safe… or annoy us (I’m not sure which, but I blame you Mr. Laden).

People complain about the airports, parking, the lines, security, and paying for checked baggage.

My thought is… shut up.

And if you don’t want to feel hurried, get to the airport earlier (duh).

Get over yourself and what you perceive to be a huge inconvenience.

Walk 1,500 miles one time and then you won’t mind waiting 12 minutes for your luggage at the baggage claim.

Flying is a gift.

Basically it’s just like sitting in a lawn chair.  Except you aren’t in your backyard.  You are 8,000 feet above ground.

And you are hurtling through the sky at 500 miles per hour.

Did I mention, you get free peanuts?

And internet (how does this work?).

Flying is a privilege .

Why do so many people think it’s their right?

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