Student Outsmarting Me. Just Another Day.

School Administrator magazine.Life is Always 50/50.

The June 2012 edition.

Look for me.  And a student on the back page.

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Still Best of the Blogs.

We need more superintendents to blog.

If I’m still on the list, we may have a problem.

But thank you AASA and The School Administrator magazine.

Check out the March 2012 issue.

 We Need More Bloggers.

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You Should Get The Urge to Write. And Blog.

I did.AASA - A Great Organization.

And so did these superintendents.

Read more in the February issue of The School Administrator

“The Urge to Write” by Scott Lafee.

If these good people can write and blog about our profession, so can you – Matthew Jennings, Dr. Mark J. Stock, Marc Bernstein, Maureen La Croix, James VanSciver,  Linda Wagner, and Howard Carlson.

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The AASA: When Will They Ever Learn?

American Association of School Administrators.The people at the American Association of School Administrators have struck again.

They have included another Blog in the pages of their magazine.

If you receive the August edition of the AASA magazine, please go to page 33 and check out “Always Know the Answer before Asking the Question.”

I wrote this particular blog in a very dark, turbulent, stormy and unstable portion of my writing career.

It was a time that I like to call August of 2007 (actually it was neither dark, turbulent, stormy, or unstable… nor do I have a career in writing… but I do love the exaggeration).

But, I am not here to self-promote (well, maybe a little) or question the good judgment of the suits at AASA who choose the content of their magazine (well, maybe a little).

I am here to share what an interesting experience it is to get something published.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that the blog isn’t an American literary classic and the AASA Magazine isn’t as widely circulated as AARP the Magazine, Reader’s Digest, TV Guide, and Better Homes and Gardens (all I have learned from Googling “Top Magazine Circulation” is that old people really love their reading material).

It is still pretty cool to see something you typed on a laptop in 14 minutes get printed in a real legitimate publication.

The surprising thing is how long it takes for this process to play out.

The kind people at AASA (need to stay on their good side) notify you months in advance that they would like to publish your article (blog… whatever).

Then the lawyers and agents get involved to hash out the financial package. Which means the AASA offers nothing, and I take it (it was touch and go for a moment there… I thought they might make me pay them…whew!).

Then it goes through a thorough editing process where people with actual college degrees in English (and probably a Master’s) fix my incoherent thoughts.

They are quite good. By the time they finish the editing portion, I am amazed at the quality of my writing. Don’t get me wrong, my lovely wife does good editing work, but her degree is not in editing. It is in education with a minor in computer stuff and taking care of the sponge (daughter…whatever) and me.

I was also shocked the first time they emailed and edited version back to me and asked my thoughts. They evidently don’t realize that I am still not sure what an adverb is and while I have made progress, the whole to, too, and two thing is still quite confusing. Don’t even get me started about the proper use of semi-colons. My wife takes about 10 of them out of every blog post (while I don’t know how to use them, they are arguably the cutest of all the punctuation… and yes, I base my punctuation choices on looks).

I could have really benefited by sitting behind these editing people in college (who am I kidding… I needed them in junior high).

But, I am not here to talk about how my grade point average would have been significantly higher if I had cheated my way through school ( in no way endorses cheating at any level of education).

I am here to thank them for giving me the opportunity (twice… I hope they don’t get fired over this).

It has been fun and maybe if they hold onto their jobs I will get another opportunity (who am I kidding… I am on borrowed time as it is).

Also, if you are a school administrator or plan on becoming one, please support your state organizations and the AASA.

They do great work for principals and superintendents (especially those just starting out in their careers).

Even if their judgment in magazine content may be a little questionable.

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