Winter. Summer. Winter. Summer.

I only live where I do because people have told me if I move someplace nice, I’ll miss the four seasons.

They’re idiots.You've Been Warned.  Avoid Junior High Kids After PE and Recess.

I’m pretty sure they have forced this theory upon me because they can’t move. And if I did, they would be that much more miserable.

In my little piece of heaven, the snow just melted, and it’s now 97 degrees (a few days ago, I was out scooping snow… in shorts).

And now it’s humid.

Really humid.

The kind of humid where you sweat through your shirt when you reach out the front door to get your mail.

And this all happened over a weekend (I literally had the heat and the air conditioning on in my house at the same time).

At least it feels like it happened over a weekend (and not one of those super cool 3 day weekends we educators live for).

What happened to spring?  And fall?

I remember winter because it was literally yesterday.

And the 187 days before that.

I know about summer because I’m already sweating my “you know what” off (I apologize for blogging blue, but I’m upset).

So much for the four seasons.

Unless you count them as:

Season 1 – Beginning of School

Season 2 – Jumpy Students/Teachers Right Before Christmas

Season 3 – The Unrelenting Never-ending Darkness of Winter/Snow Days Which Means I Have to Get Up at 3:00 a.m. to Cancel School

Season 4 – Hot Smelly Junior High Kids During the Time That Used to be Called Spring.

I need a vacation and some nice 74 degree weather (conference in San Diego anyone?).

And those Junior High kids need a deodorant shower.

If you live someplace nicer than me, please understand I hate you.

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