Weekends are not Really 48 Hours Long. Trust Me, I Did the Math.

My Weekends Don't Look Like This.I was thinking about how weekends seem to just fly by. It doesn’t seem possible that one minute it is Friday afternoon and the next I am sitting behind my desk on a Monday morning (or under the desk, depending on how the day is going).

What happened to Saturday and Sunday?

There is no other combination of days that go by at this lightening pace.

Not Monday-Tuesday, not Tuesday-Wednesday, not Thursday-Friday, or… I think you probably get the point.

So why do my weekends go by so quickly?

Then it occurred to me. Finally, those teachers who told me that math would be important in my daily life… they were right.


I had almost given up on them.

My loss of time during the weekend is a simple math problem (just don’t ask me what X and Y stand for because I don’t have a clue… and just like high school, I don’t really care as much as I probably should).

During an average work day, I get up at 5:30 and go to bed at 11:00. That is 17.5 hours per workday.

So in theory, I should have 35 hours of sweet, sweet free time each and every weekend.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but weekends just don’t last that long.

The proof lies in the math.

This past weekend is a perfect example.

Start off with 35 hours of free time (in theory).

Take off 4 for sleeping in and a couple of catnaps. That still leaves me with 31 hours to do whatever I would like.

Weekends are great.

2 hours for a Saturday morning soccer game (yes, they won).

1.5 hours for jogging/shuffling/barely more than an old guy walking.

1 hour riding a bike.

3 hours of yard work.

2 more hours for running around town doing chores (wash cars, drycleaners, purchasing those elusive winning lottery tickets).

5 hours on the computer… blogging, emailing, plurking, doing school work, etc.

This takes me down to 16.5. Still a lot of time left to do whatever I want. It certainly beats going to work.

Another 2 hours eating out and going to eat ice cream.

1 hour reading the newspaper.

1 hour picking up the house, garage, or cleaning out the cars.

I’m down to 12.5.

Still not too bad.

4 hours watching TV or trying to sit through a movie (I am a little jumpy).

Roughly 3 hours eating, showering, and doing personal chores (that is nice way of not getting too graphic… you’re welcome).

Only 5.5 left.

I forgot ironing my clothes for the next week. That is another 30 minutes.

Playing outside with my daughter takes another 2 hours.

That leaves a grand total of 3 hours left.

Yes, you heard me (or read me) right. 3 hours is the entire weekend.

The math never lies.

That is why my weekend seems to go by so quickly. They aren’t 48 hours, they are 3 hours long.

What a rip. No wonder I am so tired on Mondays.

I can’t wait for the next 3 day weekend, or should I say 4.5 hours of sweet free time. I need the extra rest.

By the way, never trust anyone who says “Trust me” as I did in the title. It is an absolute guaranteed lock they can’t be trusted. And never believe anyone who says “Honest, I am not lying”. If you have to announce your honesty, odds are you are not.

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My School Year Has Lasted Forever, and That is a Very Long Time.

We have just concluded our 19th day of school. It feels more like we should have 19 days left.

It has been a long year.

A very long year.I Feel Your Pain Garfield.  I Feel Your Pain.

It seems like the 2008-2009 school year has already lasted forever… and as I mentioned in the title… forever is a very long time (don’t quote me on this because I am not that good with measurements… I am not a science, math, or a shop teacher).

I can’t remember a time when the beginning of a year has given me this type of a feeling.

Usually, once we get started, the just time flies. If anything, I am usually hoping things will slow down a little bit.

I generally look up from my desk and it is already Thanksgiving. Not this year.

It is September 12th and we have such a long way to go. Did I mention the whole “forever” thing? Again, it is a veeeery long time.

Every one of the 19 days has felt like a Monday morning. A Monday morning with a full-moon. A Monday morning with a full moon and some bus troubles.

Maybe by now you are starting to understand the feelings I have been experiencing.

I wish I could put my finger on what has made this year feel differently than years of the past, but I can’t.

Things just seem to be a little out of sorts.

I haven’t been this out of kilter since I was the only father at the Girl Scouts Orientation Meeting. Or at my Senior Prom when I was fast dancing only to realize 25 seconds into my flailing the DJ was actually playing a slow song.

I just can’t get in a routine. And I thrive on the routine of school. On most days I couldn’t even tell you what time it is. Or even worse, I can’t remember what day it is.

The good news is I do know it’s September (it is September right?).

Nothing has gone terribly wrong at school (please do me a favor and knock on the closest piece of wood), but there has been enough bumps in the road to throw me off my game.

And by game, of course I am referencing my ability (or complete lack thereof) to just hold on for dear life.

I guess the good news is things are likely to improve as the year moves forward.

Suddenly, I am filled with hope and good feelings.

But I guess there is always a chance that things will continue to spiral down into the bottomless pit of hopelessness and despair that is the life of an administrator.

Wow. I just got really depressed.

I feel like grabbing a pillow and smothering myself.

I am glad it is the weekend. It is the weekend isn’t it?

It sort of feels like a Monday.

Next week, I really need 5 straight days of Thursday afternoons. Nothing ever goes wrong on a Thursday afternoon.

Why do I have the feeling that I should be knocking on wood?

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