The 6 Levels of Stupid.

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I am unable to confirm that any of the following involved me, friends of mine, people I know, or in some cases my sworn enemies (pending litigation and all).

Stupid comes in various forms.

The form it most often takes with me is called “Happens Way too Often”.

I’m not saying I’m stupid, I’m simply saying I’m a magnet for stupid (Yes! 4 I’ms in one… no that’s 5 in one sentence.  And my English teachers said I wouldn’t amount to anything.).

Since I have a certain expertise in stupid, I thought it might be wise to rank the various types of stupidity.

Here are The 6 Levels of Stupid:

Level 6 – Tech Stupid.

Hating your technology person (I don’t… why did I feel the need to mention this?  Because I want my computer to work tomorrow.) isn’t a good thing.

Blaming them when your computer/printer/email/SMARTBoard doesn’t work is not always correct.

Sending them a “Trouble Ticket” that contains a request, some anger, and an underlying threat to their well-being is a bad thing.

Especially when you’ve indicated they are the worst person in the world and deserve to die a painful and slow death just because your computer doesn’t work.

Only to find out when they show up to fix the computer… it is unplugged.

And you unplugged it the day before.  And forgot.You Have to Admit... Pop-Tarts Are Tasty.

Level 5 – Pop Tart Stupid.

Getting up early to make both a tasty and healthy breakfast.

Two Pop-Tarts = Breakfast of Champions.

Plus, this allows your new bride to sleep in as you are being a big boy and making your own breakfast.

Toss the tarts into the toaster and head off.

Head off where? 

The gas station to buy a newspaper of course.

This was the perfect plan.

Until the toaster jammed.

And started a fire.

But don’t be alarmed.  The entire apartment didn’t burn down.

Just the kitchen (can you say kiss the deposit goodbye).

Level 4 – Excuses Stupid.

This level is for those special people who continue to confuse an excuse with a reason.

I don’t have my homework because the dog ate it is an excuse (not Buddy… he only eats shoes).

I don’t have my homework because my mom and dad were taken to the hospital last night after they were involved in an accident is a reason.

While subtle, there is a difference.

Level 3 – I’m in a Meeting Stupid.

Conducting a School Board Meeting using your laptop as a communication device is a good thing.  Leaving Yahoo Instant Messenger on so your evil spawn daughter can share her thoughts on what happened that day in 3rd grade is a bad thing.

I’m thankful her language was appropriate that particular night (because trust me… it can get pretty salty).

Level 2 – Email Etiquette Stupid.


They are a great way to ask a question.

Sometimes you forward an email that you received from another person.

You should read these first.

If you had read it (and you have no idea who you are… because you are stupid), you would have noticed it said some not so nice things about me… 3 forwards ago.


If I had feelings this would have hurt them.

Level 1 – I Didn’t Know As Much As I Thought I Did Stupid.

I have written close to 300 blogs.  Yes, that’s right, I’ve wasted more time on moronic blog writing than just about any other school administrator in the world (feel free to call “my people” Guinness Book of World Records).

I’m very proud.

And embarrassed I haven’t spent this time making the world a better place.

During the course of working on these blogs it has occurred to me that writing them is easy (lack of quality isn’t terribly hard), but posting them can be difficult.

I write them in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste them into my WordPress blog.

Then I had to add pictures and hyperlink old blogs into the new one.

This takes a great deal of time.

I’ve often thought someone should invent a program to make this process easier.

I literally scheduled hours just to curse at my computer when things didn’t go smoothly (evidently my daughter gets her language issues honestly).

Then it happened (no, not more cursing… that’s impossible).

Someone Twittered I should be using Microsoft Live Writer.  Evidently, it  is a tool to help post your blogs.


This has been available since… well, since 300 blogs ago!!!!

Is there a reason people have been keeping this secret from me?

Or am I just stupid?

Note from bride, however, no longer new.  Luckily we owned 1 kitchen pot.  And I mean only 1.  It was filled with water in the kitchen sink from the previous night’s meal.  I was able to use that pot to extinguish the burning cabinet quickly enough to prevent “much” damage. Therefore, we did receive our deposit back and believe me, we needed it.  Do you know how much a first year teacher made in 1995?

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6 Responses to “The 6 Levels of Stupid.”

  1. Beth
    on Oct 12th, 2009
    @ 2:51 am

    I just found out about Live Writer, too. I think it may be a conspiracy to keep this out of the hands of the masses. Or maybe I just think too much.

  2. Kathy
    on Oct 12th, 2009
    @ 3:42 am

    I don’t know about saving the world, but your blogs sure help me get through these rewarding but chaotic school days with a smile, if not a laugh out loud. You know how contagious a good attitude can be! Thanks for the reminder to be good to our techie.

  3. Donny
    on Oct 12th, 2009
    @ 1:05 pm

    I’ll take some of your suggestions and try to apply them and be less stupid. :)

  4. Mulder
    on Oct 12th, 2009
    @ 4:03 pm

    I’d like to add “You were just supposed to know” stupid to your list.

    Seems that, until today I was not aware of a new “paperless” approval process implemented for the 9 levels of administration above me. I received preliminary approval to attend a meeting in November from my principal, who asked me to talk to his secretary about whether or not any funding was available to help me out on expenses and a substitute. I duly did that and was promptly chewed out by the secretary for not following “chain of command.”

    I dutifully filled out what I thought was the correct form to request the day off (I had used the same form just this summer with no issues), and I noted the various people who had agreed to help pay for my hotel room and mileage. I dutifully attached copies of the various emails I had accumulated and highlighted the various approvals and agreements that I had acquired. Also, I attached a printout of a description of the meeting. I then submitted this packet to my department chair, who signed it and gave it back to me to give to the principal’s secretary. I also discussed it with my Assistant Principal who said she had already spoken to the principal about it and it was OK for me to go.

    This morning, my packet was in my mailbox with the words “Please see me” written in huge purple letters all over my neatly executed request form. I dutifully reported to the principal’s secretary (making an ill-advised comment about almost missing her note and in the future she should make her notes more obvious). She asked me why I filled out all that paperwork and told me that there was a new paperless approval process and all I had to do was request a substitute since my trip was already approved. Thank you?

    Am I “You were just supposed to know” stupid or what?

  5. Daisy
    on Oct 12th, 2009
    @ 5:12 pm

    Hmmm… our class sent Flat Stanley to Plano, Texas, where he was eaten by a Doberman. Does that count as the dog eating the homework?
    I brought home a big box of portfolios to grade, only to discover a day later that my rabbit ate the top of the box and then started pulling papers out. Yes, the bunny ate my homework! And I’m the teacher!

  6. Computer Chick
    on Oct 15th, 2009
    @ 12:45 pm

    Tech Stupid or: Don’t hate your Tech person because they’re beautiful……..or at least tech gifted. I’m usually wiling to forgive hateful Trouble Tickets IF the perp. will at least admit to said stupidity. When you’re red handed stupid and won’t admit it…….well let’s just say maybe you shouldn’t save anything TOO important to your network share Muhhhahhhhha

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