The High School Seniors Have Graduated. Now It’s Time For Them to Get Out.

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Graduation is over. Thank Goodness.

That wild cheering sound that you hear in your head. It’s me.

It’s not that I mind graduation, it’s just that I am out of dress clothes to sweat through.

This is just my opinion, but there is nothing sadder than a broken down school administrator sweating through his tie.

But that’s just me.

There is something about graduation day that brings out the heat and humidity. sunshine

Each year you can count on a number of things. Proud parents and grandparents, students wearing sunglasses, parties, screaming, crying, and me looking like I just ran a marathon.

In the rain.

Wearing a winter coat.

And a stocking cap.

Did I mention it was hot and I was sweaty?

Graduation also draws attention to the fact that there are two distinct types of seniors. Those who loved high school and those that didn’t really care for it.

The students that really enjoyed their high school experiences have the toughest time at graduation.

During the course of their 4 years they liked everything. Their friends, activities, sports, teachers, and sometimes even their principal (alright, this one may be a stretch).

Graduation is a complicated event for them. They are happy, yet a little sad.

It’s time to leave high school, but they aren’t sure they are ready. They tell you how excited they are to be moving on, but part of them wants to stay.

On the other hand, there are students who didn’t enjoy their school experiences.

For whatever reason their time didn’t go as smoothly. In fact, some of them feel like they have been serving a 4 year sentence.

Graduation means they are getting released. And they are happy. Really happy.

At least for now.

High school will look much better to them in about 6 months.

There is one thing that all of these students have in common. The need to get out.

And now.

The ones that loved high school need a little push to get out in the real world. The ones who didn’t enjoy school just need to go.

In both cases, it’s time for a little break.

Time to see what life has in store for them.

Time for me to dry out my clothes.

Time to get ready for another senior class.

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