Traveling is Fun. Pre-Travel is Not.

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I hate pre-traveling.

The planning.My Packing Skills Have a Lot to Be Desired.

The scheduling.

The packing.

The over packing.

The drive to the airport (2:45 am wake-up call).

The sleepless night because you lie in fear you won’t hear your 17 alarm clocks, and you will miss the whole thing.

The arriving at the airport 2 hours early, just so I can make my way through security in 43 seconds.

While 43 seconds sounds quick, it’s a lifetime when you’re being touched in places where you shouldn’t be touched (how many people on the no-fly list do I share a name with???)

The checking in at the hotel only to discover I’ve forgotten something I reminded myself over and over not to forget (mental note… don’t forget toothbrush… and pants).

You may be asking why I travel if it’s such a hassle?

Because it’s free!  And you know how I love the free stuff (email me if you have any questions… and free stuff).

Once or twice a year, I accept a very gracious invitation that has me show up and attend meetings at a location that’s at least 40 degrees warmer than the one in which I live.

This time it’s the good people at District Administration Magazine.

They have been kind enough to fly me to Phoenix.  They are also going to provide me with some professional development.

And golf.

But mostly professional development.

With some golf.

I can’t thank them enough for the airfare, resort hotel, the opportunity to learn more about technology, instructional design, health care budgets, drop-out prevention, and school wellness.

And don’t forget the golf.

Now if I could just do this without all the pre-travel hassle.

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6 Responses to “Traveling is Fun. Pre-Travel is Not.”

  1. Alfred Thompson
    on Mar 27th, 2011
    @ 7:27 pm

    I mostly forget a razor. Hotels will usually have one to give you. The quality of the free razor is a good incentive to remember ones own next time. I have also forgotten underwear. No free underwear so that usually means a trip to the mall ASAP. I have learned to carry a change of it in my carry on though. That saves me from several unfortunate travel problems. TSA doesn’t like you to carry razors in carryon though.

    Michael Smith Reply:

    @Alfred Thompson, You always make me laugh.


  2. Carla
    on Mar 27th, 2011
    @ 9:06 pm

    I dream of traveling and am thankful for my children’s school that take wonderful trips to tour our nation’s history. When I retire, I will see what they have seen. I ask you though, golf and marathon? Hmmm…I see golf as a walking sport. Does this support your training and goals?Arizona is a great place to run and golf!

    Michael Smith Reply:

    @Carla, No. I’m going to run between rounds of golf.

    Half marathon is just around the corner.

  3. Alicia Kessler
    on Mar 28th, 2011
    @ 3:22 pm

    So….if I would ever become as famous as Principal’s Page and could travel, do you think they’d let me drive the golf cart? Cause seriously, that’s my interest. I love golf carts.

  4. Daisy
    on Mar 31st, 2011
    @ 4:59 pm

    A friend once told me not to worry about packing. “If you have your passport and your money, you can go anywhere. You’re fine.” I no longer worry about the toothbrush or deodorant; I can buy more if I forget.
    But this friend was in college with me a couple of decades ago, so I’ll update the list.
    Passport, money, credit & debit cards, cell phone, medications (in original, labeled bottles).
    There. Now have fun! And nap on the plane, too.

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