TV Show Idea: Road School.

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I have an idea. RV1.jpg    

An ingenious one.

It may sound like I’m full of myself, but if you don’t think your ideas are ingenious, who will?

You have to give me the benefit of the doubt because I could be delusional from the massive amounts of Advil coursing through my veins from my recent snowboarding accident (I fell… hard… on my caboose… now I must blog standing up… sad really).

In the past few years, I’ve watched my share of reality television.

Survivor. American Idol. Shows with angry unhappily married fake rich ladies. All the junk on E! and VH1.

Some of it’s good.

Most of it isn’t.

Usually, I come away with even lower expectations for the human race.

I’ll often watch and then go through a period of self-loathing and abdominal cramping.

Just recently (after my last blow to the head while snowboarding/falling), it occurred to be there is an untapped reality show market.


The great thing about a reality show about education is 100% familiar with the topic and issues surrounding it.

Most of us went to school. Some of us even graduated (8th grade counts).

It’s hard to find a family who doesn’t have at least one member who is a teacher, so the education reality television market could be a gold mine.

Here’s my idea.

A show called “Road School”.

It’s homeschooling, but in an RV.

Two things I know nothing about.

You take an average family with two educators, an Evil Spawn, a handsome beagle, big fancy motor home with internet and satellite television provided by the production company and you got yourself a show.

Hit the open road and let the high jinks ensue.

An entire school year learning from the land.

The family visits national parks, monuments, and also interacts with regular people.

They stop by the homes of astronauts, veterans, and inventors.

Each week the family goes to a new state, does charity work, has a new experience, and learns a valuable lesson.

At the end of each episode there’s a quiz on the places and people they visited and the things they learned.

The curriculum could be put out in advance so schools and homeschool students could participate along with the show.

It would be education for the next century.

Not confined to a desk or classroom, but learning by being out in the real world.

I see a blog, YouTube updates, lots of Tweeting, and possibly a Discovery Education tie-in.

The family not only learns new stuff, but grows closer.

There’s laughter. There’re tears. There are long speeches about the greatness of the American people.

It’s The Amazing Race, Dirty Jobs, American Pickers, combined with a life-long education.

It’s ingenious.

At least, I think think so.

Now I will just sit back and wait for some education organization to recognize my genius.

And throw massive amounts of cash at me and Buddy the Dog (because he doesn’t perform unless there’s money involved… or a carrot).

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10 Responses to “TV Show Idea: Road School.”

  1. Alfred Thompson
    on Dec 30th, 2011
    @ 8:06 pm

    So your lovely wife would do the teaching and you would mostly be along for the ride right? Sounds like a good deal to me.

    Michael Smith Reply:

    @Alfred Thompson, I’m assuming they would cast a much younger, less bitter, and possibly taller version of me.

    My wife would like that.

  2. Penny
    on Dec 30th, 2011
    @ 8:16 pm

    I think you’re idea will work, call TLC!

  3. Jim S
    on Dec 30th, 2011
    @ 8:33 pm

    You ever watch the Duggars? what is their show now . . . “20 and counting”? There are times when they are on the road in the RV stopping to do some “hands-on” learning. They’ve been to Ohio . . . did some learning in Amish County. I’m sure you could ride along on their coat tails. I don’t think they have an Evil Spawn . . . so you’d be “In” for sure!!

  4. Karen Marcus
    on Dec 30th, 2011
    @ 9:05 pm

    I say go for it! You could end up a millionaire…seriously.

  5. Tim
    on Dec 30th, 2011
    @ 10:14 pm

    Mike Rowe… I mean, how many dirty jobs could possibly be left? He needs a new shtick… You could go along as the bumbling driver/writer (I use the term writer loosely)… No, you don’t need to thank me for the idea. If you get to the PNW drop me a line though… I want a photo-op with Mike.


  6. Tim
    on Dec 30th, 2011
    @ 10:16 pm

    Actually, now that I think of it, this could be a spin off of Dirty Jobs… ;-)

  7. Steve Dembo
    on Jan 3rd, 2012
    @ 1:14 pm

    heh, I’m not sure if you’re serious or not! But if you wanted to flesh it out, I’d find someone for you to pitch it to :)

  8. Marcus Byrd
    on Jan 5th, 2012
    @ 11:35 am

    I think it will work! I say go with Disney channel. They had a show based on the same premise, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Deck.

    They were on a school that was on a cruise ship. Terrible show but if you make your pitch right, you could wind up on a cruise boat sailing to various harbors and ports. The same idea but a reality show! Brilliant!

    Michael Smith Reply:

    The Evil Spawn loves The Suite Life Reference.

    It’s nice when this blog skews young (which seldom happens).

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