When Did They Start Hiring Kids as Police Officers?

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This is an Actual Picture of the Police Officer Who Pulled Me Over (not really).I got stopped for speeding this morning.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

There’s no reason I should have been going that fast. It was just a bad idea. Nothing good could have come out of it.

Best case scenario, I get to school earlier. That isn’t what I call a “good scenario”.

It’s not that I don’t like to arrive at school early because I do. The peace. The quiet. The no interruptions.

You can’t beat it.

In the two hours before school, I can accomplish what it takes me 87 regular school days to do.

6-8 am… it’s like study hall for administrators.

But today was not the day to get to school early.

Reason #1 – it’s Friday. Reason # 2 – it’s a Full-Moon. Reason #3 – it’s a Friday with a Full-Moon.

I’m not a scientist, statistician, or witchdoctor but odds are today was going to be a long day.

Even the best case scenario wasn’t a good one.

Now the worst case scenario. I get stopped by a child-like police officer.

And that’s exactly what happened. I should have known because it’s not just Friday.

It’s Full-Moon Friday.

If you don’t understand the significance of this event, you’re not an educator. Or your just a damn fool (sorry for the language… but I’m considering blogging a little
bluer to expand my audience to over 3 dozen people).

To make matters worse the police officer was 12 years old. I’m relatively sure this time last year he was playing dodge ball in PE, shoving his buddies while waiting in
line at the water fountain, and being awkward around girls at the 7th grade dance.

Now he is a policeman.

When did they start hiring officers who are younger than me?

As a kid, I distinctly remember ALL police officers being old. Now they look like teenagers.

How did this happen?

When did this happen?

Authority figures are supposed to be at least 40 years old, grey or balding, and grumpy.

They are supposed to be old.

They are supposed to look like me.

Wait a second…

The moral of this story is I’m old. And don’t drive 53 in a 30 mph zone. And be nice to squirrely junior high boys because they will grow up and become police officers… and eventually they will pull you over for speeding… but they just might let you off with a warning if you’ve been nice to them…

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7 Responses to “When Did They Start Hiring Kids as Police Officers?”

  1. Sharon
    on Sep 4th, 2009
    @ 3:40 pm

    I got pulled over last week, bringing my son home from swimming lessons (how bad a mom does that make me?) So the cop is approaching the car, and my 7 year old is in the back asking me, “Why were you speeding? That’s dangerous!” Great.

    The cop turned out to be my cousin, so I didn’t get a ticket. I have slowed down, though.

    (I’m currently an itinerant teacher and don’t have a classroom of my own. Friday is an office day. I didn’t realize that there was a full moon. I think that’s the first one I’ve missed since I started teaching!)

  2. Erica
    on Sep 4th, 2009
    @ 4:14 pm

    I had the same revelation when I realized the President is younger than me. My doctors have been younger than me for years. I haven’t had any former students in those positions because teaching is my second career, I teach middle school, and I have only been doing it for 5 years. Thanks for the laugh!!

  3. Christy
    on Sep 4th, 2009
    @ 5:17 pm

    I got stopped last night by a rent-a-cop in my apartment complex who informed me that the speed limit was 5mph and i was doing “at least 20.” I don’t even think my car will GO 5 mph.

  4. Dave Sherman
    on Sep 4th, 2009
    @ 7:22 pm

    Yes, getting a speeding ticket is a bummer. How about getting pulled over for speeding IN YOUR SCHOOL PARKING LOT and you are the principal! Well, that happened to me!! Half of the staff was up on the second floor looking out the window, cracking up.

    Cop: Sir, do you realize that this is a school zone?
    Me: Of course I do… I am the principal of this school.

    He must have felt badly for me because he let me off with a warning. I found out a few weeks later that I was the big joke around the police station. One of the cops in that town was a parent at my school. He had to tell me how I made them all laugh.

  5. Marcie
    on Sep 6th, 2009
    @ 6:48 am

    I was pulled over on the way to school two weeks ago. 53 in a 40 and got a ticket. Count yourself lucky with a warning. $161 and that was with him knocking it down to 50 in a 40. There went the last of my summer school pay.

  6. Daisy
    on Sep 8th, 2009
    @ 6:34 pm

    Full Moon Friday? I hear you loud and clear. The Administrator Study Hall time, too; even though I’m a teacher, not an administrator, I love my early morning time at my desk with No Interruptions.

  7. Bill Bartmann
    on Sep 18th, 2009
    @ 7:14 pm

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