You Know Who Likes to Travel, People Who Don’t.

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I'm Not a Big Fan of Airplanes... When They are Taking Off or Landing.Something odd is happening this week. Actually in education, something odd happens on a daily basis, but this is unusually odd. My wife and I are both traveling for work.

What is so odd about that? You see, neither one of us has ever traveled alone on business before (by business, I mean school stuff not actual grownup business… we could never get one of those jobs).

One would think at our advanced age this would have happened before.

Before we move on let’s take a moment so I can explain… by our advanced age, I mean I am incredibly old and decrepit and my wife is unbelievably youthful and vibrant.

She is often asked for a hall pass as she walks around her school during her prep time.

So this will be the first time we have been out of town on business. Odd enough in itself; but it happening for the first time to both of us on the same week? The planets must be aligned just right.

Things are so weird that the junior high kids were doing their homework in study hall and I overheard a teacher say, “I wish the school day was longer. Maybe I could voluntarily give up my prep time?”

I am sure there are people who enjoy traveling for work, but I am not one of them.

Although, admittedly I am not an expert on this whole business travel thing (you see I haven’t done this before… you really should pay more attention).

I like my routine. Get up. Go to School. Work. Come home. Exercise. Go to sleep. While this may strike you as boring, I thrive on it (by thrive, I mean that I am difficult to live with, extremely grumpy, and looking forward to retirement).

You can count on a routine. It never lets you down. There aren’t many things you can depend on in life, but a routine is one of them.

I am finding travel messes everything up.

You have to plan ahead, pack, get directions, sleep in a strange bed, and eat out. It just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

And being gone makes me nervous. My daughter has already called my half of the bed and my wife is giddy with the idea that she won’t have to cook.

I am not sure what to make of this, but I may be expendable.

I have a feeling that I should have just stayed in the office.

What will I do when 8:10 comes around and the bell doesn’t ring? Will I be able to buy chocolate milk for a quarter out in the real world? How will I know when 4th hour is over and it is time for lunch? Who is going to keep an eye on the parking lot after school? What happens to the 79 emails I get everyday if I am not there to answer them?

School administrators should stay in the office where they belong. The entire school district could fall apart.

Or worse, they could not even notice I am gone. I swear I saw people decorating the lounge with balloons and streamers as I left the building.

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3 Responses to “You Know Who Likes to Travel, People Who Don’t.”

  1. Tim
    on Apr 23rd, 2008
    @ 12:22 am

    Jeez, it must be contagious. I have to go to Indiana (from Orgeon) for work next week. I’m already homesick. I was told that the hotel will cook my eggs to order for breakfast though (kinda cool). Have a great trip.

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