You Need More Than the Ability to Take Standardized Tests.

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15 Responses to “You Need More Than the Ability to Take Standardized Tests.”

  1. Brendon Ross
    on May 5th, 2014
    @ 5:02 pm

    Love the cartoon! Ha!

    I couldn’t agree more than something needs to change with the way we test students across all age groups (kindergarten to college). We need more real world applications and less of simply teaching students to regurgitate information.


  2. TEFL Lifestyle
    on May 12th, 2014
    @ 4:40 am

    I can totally relate to this. Seeing the people from my class who did great back than being nowhere in the real world. While others, who were taking it easy became successful.

  3. Warren
    on Jun 15th, 2014
    @ 3:40 am

    Hey Mike – you haven’t blogged for ages and I need a regular fix of your down home apple pie folksiness. Hope you’re just busy living the dream and the absence isn’t something else. I don’t tweet so I may have missed something. Take care – Wozza.

  4. johny milton
    on Jun 21st, 2014
    @ 9:01 am

    I think tests helping to find hidden skills out of students. This is really good idea to take tests. I agree. Because if you not taken test than how can you identify the skills which is hidden in the students.?

  5. Childrens Nursery Dubai
    on Jun 24th, 2014
    @ 11:30 pm

    I have to agree, my class mates who were absolute duds are making 6 figure salaries today. It really does eat you when you have spent so much time studying.

  6. MBBS in Philippines
    on Aug 7th, 2014
    @ 4:54 am

    Absolutely correct , nice blog

  7. SSLC Results 2015
    on Apr 7th, 2015
    @ 2:59 am

    That’s absolutely true and as a teacher, I understanc that it takes much of your time to test the students repeatedly.

  8. Zakir Hussain
    on Apr 17th, 2015
    @ 8:33 am

    Good one!
    Yes the students are prepared for tests more than LIFE…

  9. Joseph
    on Nov 28th, 2015
    @ 6:43 am

    Those toons are really funny, by the way love your blogs. They are really helpful and very informative.

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  10. Harsha
    on Dec 16th, 2015
    @ 7:26 pm


  11. Colleen
    on Feb 25th, 2016
    @ 9:56 am

    Love this cartoon so much!! So funny! Also sadly true. When will the education system put more value in giving students real-world skills instead of putting so much emphasis on standardized tests?

  12. Mark E
    on Mar 26th, 2016
    @ 7:26 am

    Ha, hilarious. Sad but that’s what it has come to.

  13. Teacher G
    on Apr 7th, 2016
    @ 9:34 pm

    I love the cartoon. It is interesting how focused we are on testing, even the students are. An experiment in motivation in my classroom yielded some interesting results. Normally we do a warm up when the students walk into my high school algebra class, some do the warm up, some halfway do it, and chock it up to not important. I changed the name of the warm up to quiz. Students are performing better on the quiz than they ever did on the warm ups. My original goal was to get the students to be motivated to take better notes, it worked. But it is also concerning. Have we emphasized testing and grades so much that the only way to get kids to perform is to call it a “test?”

  14. Robin
    on Jul 18th, 2016
    @ 1:46 am

    When I saw this cartoon, I found it to be so true in the education world today. One educational trend that raises a lot of concern is testing. So much emphasis is centered around testing. Teachers are held accountable for test scores that in the end is sometimes a way in which they are evaluated as either effective or ineffective. Students are put under so much pressure to pass a test, but sometimes test anxiety takes over and they don’t perform very well. This is not because they don’t know the information, but it’s because they get nervous, may have had a bad morning, or just simply not good at taking tests. Because of this educational trend, teachers have been forced to just teach to the test. This causes our students to miss out on important information that can help them in the real world. Engaging in this blog made me realize that our students are not going to be ready or have the necessary skills for future jobs if teachers are continuously teaching to a test. We have to teach our students to be problem solvers, critical thinkers and collaborators.

  15. Micheal A
    on Aug 24th, 2016
    @ 5:43 am

    This cartoon is a real expression of what is obtainable from our youths today. Only pass exam and test but real life is far from it. Thanks for sharing

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