You Never Forget Your First Love. Especially if He is a Waiter.

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This Cartoon Actually Looks Like the Real Waiter.This past weekend I had the unfortunate experience of seeing my daughter’s heart broken for the first time.

She was absolutely crushed and there was nothing I could do about it. As a parent, this is a totally helpless feeling.

You want to jump to your child’s defense, but then you realize that there isn’t much that you can really do.

This was also my first experience as being totally worthless as a dad (alright, not my first but I am trying to make a point here).

The look on her face of total and complete sadness was enough to break my heart.

I know 7 year old girls get their feelings crushed, but I always assumed it involved a dog running away, losing their favorite blanket, or a best friend moving to another town.

But not my daughter.


She doesn’t do things in a normal fashion.

When she does something it is all out (unless you count running or cleaning her room… then best case she gives you a solid 65%… on a good day).

Her first broken heart was brought to her by a waiter at a Mexican restaurant. She should have just gotten a side of rice.

We have gone to this restaurant many times. By my guesstimate about 674 days (although not in a row… not that I haven’t suggested that). Of course, this is only a rough guess. It may have
been many more.

During these trips my daughter looked forward to seeing her favorite waiter, Jose.

If she got lucky, we sat in Jose’s section and they would visit.

They seemed to understand each other considering neither one speaks the other’s language very well. Ah, who am I kidding… neither one speaks any language very well.

Sure, they both tried but I don’t award effort points if I have to say “Huh” 12 times during a conversation.

When he wasn’t our waiter, he always took the time to wave or come by the booth (I do love a booth much more than a table) and say Hi. Or something that sounded like Hi.

Whatever it was, he said it with a great big smile on his face.

Last weekend, we won the waiter lottery and Jose was in charge of our booth.

He came by and took our order in his usual upbeat mood.

Then it happened.

He told us the next day would be his last. He was returning to Mexico to be with his family.

The look of shock and horror on my daughter’s face was disturbing.

I thought she was going to cry, but she held it together. I think she was being strong for Jose.

My point here is… he always took the time to be nice to her.

We should all be so kind to strangers, little kids, old people… and everyone else with whom we come into contact with.

You never really know the effect you have on people… until you move back to your home country.

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  1. laken
    on Aug 10th, 2009
    @ 11:15 am

    that is the sweetest thing

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